Adventures in Stains and Laundryland


The folks over at Tide contacted me and asked if I’d be interesting in trying out their Tide Stain Release product and put together a vlog to share with you about my results and opinion of the product.

They sent me a package of the product and I put it to work!

Check out this vlog of my trip to the laundry mat with AngryJulie (my first trip ever!) and the fabulous results I got.

Amazing right?

Are you still laughing about me admiring myself in the dryer glass? {Yes. That was meant to be funny.}

The Tide Stain Release got out chocolate syrup, grass stains and bar-b-q sauce.

  • Tide Stain Release (TSR) ingredients are formulated to dissolve quickly and go to work on the stain. The product works by breaking up and disintegrating soils and stains, and then forming a layer over remaining stain particles to lift them out of the fabric. This formulation for rapid dissolution attracts TSR directly to the stains allowing the ingredients time to work. <— There wasn’t even a trace of any stain left on my items.  Awesome.
  • Tide Stain Release comes in 3 forms: powder, liquid and a convenient single duo pac that can be dropped right into your washing machine. <— I used the duo pac- just dropped it right into the washer.

I’ve tried a number of other “stain boosters” and “pre-treatments”. Tide Stain Boost gave the best results, hands down.

Wanna try some for yourself?

On Thursday, March 28th, the Tide Stain Release Challenge goes live, allowing Tide fans (old and new) to sample Tide Stain Release for a chance to win an exciting series of prizes!

ALL participants are automatically entered to win:

One of the weekly giveaways of a year’s supply of Tide Stain Release and Tide detergent


A Grand Prize of a washer and dryer set awarded at the end of the contest (total of 10 Grand Prizes available!)

How do fans participate? There are three easy ways and each one earns its own entry. Fans can:

  1. Visit the Tide Stain Release Challenge tab on Tide’s Facebook page and click the “Take the Challenge” button. The first 100,000 registered participants will get a free sample for themselves, as well as three extras to share with Facebook friends, so they too can take the Challenge. Any registrants thereafter will receive a coupon for Tide Stain Release.
  2. Increase their odds by sharing feedback (good or bad) about Tide Stain Release on the Challenge page, once they’ve tried it. There’s also a chance to have feedback included in a Tide Stain Release advertisement!
  3. Increase their chances of winning even more by taking a poll about Tide Stain Release on the Challenge page.

Want more info? Check out or and become a fan!

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for Tide and have received material and/or payment incentives for my involvement.

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  1. says

    I like to use the Tide DuoPacs too but your readers should know that it does not work on really set in stains, unlike what Tide claims. It does work on stains that would normally be difficult to get out or stains that have been set for a short time. But don’t expect to get out a stain in a favorite shirt or blanket, that has been there for a long time.

  2. says

    I wish companies would make more products like that in Free and Clear. I can’t use the scented stuff, so I can’t use those nifty drop-ins or the Bounce dryer sheet bar…. Boo :-(

  3. says

    I had soooo much fun doing this video. It also helped with my video editing skills. Seriously, Tiffany is the best. We shot this entire video without any re-takes. She got everything right the first time. I think she needs to do more videos. And me, well, I need to start wearing some makeup.

    The Tide Stain Release is AMAZING with grass stains on baseball pants.

    • Tiffany says

      We had so much fun.

      “You ladies look like you haven’t been to a laundry mat in quite some time….”

  4. says

    Nice job on the video! I’m impressed with that stain release product. Baseball season is starting soon which means those dang grass stains will be on everything my two boys wear. I’ll give this a try!

    • Tiffany says

      HAHAHAHAHAHA…. I love it when people who have met me in person get my humor.


  5. says

    What a FUN vlog! LOVED it – and the music was perfect :) I’m so impressed the chocolate sauce was gone without a trace!

  6. says

    I’m a laundromat aficionado. Many blog posts have been written about my adventures there. It makes me wonder if someone has ever written a blog post about the weird chick who thinks she is sneaky snapping pics (me).