Wondering How to Blog? Here Are the Fundamentals You Need

Congrats! You’ve decided to start a blog. Now you just need to figure out how to blog, right?

The good news is that you managed to find The SITS Girls. We’ve got every how to blog tip you need, from blog design to SEO to domain name and blog platform tips. We’re here to help you navigate your blogging journey and learn more about social media.


Think of us as your tour guides to understanding how to blog.

Just sit back, relax, and let’s dig in.

How to Blog: Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Choosing the Right Blog Platform To Fit Your Needs

  1. Blog Start-Up Checklist {FREE Printable included}
  2. Choosing a Blog Platform: Is Blogger or WordPress Right For You?
  3. Why You Need to Own Your Domain Name
  4. Understanding Self-Hosted Blogs
  5. WordPress Questions Explained
  6. 15 Best Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

Blog Design

Once you get the basics on how to blog nailed down, your next step will be to focus on what it looks like, also known your blog design. The color, patterns, fonts, and a number of other details should work together to draw your readers in.

  1. Anatomy of the Perfect Blog {FREE Printable included}
  2. How to Create an Inspired Blog Design
  3. Why Header Design Matters
  4. Ideas for Designing Your Blog’s Footer
  5. Where to Find Rockin’ FREE Fonts
  6. What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Blog Designer
  7. How NOT to Design Your Blog
  8. Fundamental Questions You Should Answer Before Designing Your Blog
  9. 12 Must Have Blog Design Tips For Your Blog

Essential Elements On Your Blog

You’re getting close on understanding how to blog! Once you have your blog platform chosen and your design in place, it’s time to turn your attention to the other essential elements that make up a successful blog. This can range from your social media buttons, to your RSS feed, to your page describing who you are and what your blog is about.

  1. How to Add Social Media Icons to Your Blog
  2. Perfect Your About Me Page
  3. Calculate your Website Grade for Free with this FREE Tool
  4. How to Submit a Google Sitemap for Your Blog
  5. 12 Tips and Tools for Making SEO For You Easy
  6. 10 Things To Do In Your First Three Months Of Starting A Blog