How Blogging Gives Back

Without fail, there will be a time during your blogging career where you wonder what you are doing. Maybe it’s during a busy week, a failed giveaway, or the 100th time you change your editorial calendar, but you will wonder if it is worth continuing on in the blogging world.

Whether you are just getting started and searching for something to kick start your blog or you are someone who has put in a lot of time and need to feel refreshed, there are plenty of reasons to get blogging. One of the best things about blogging is how it gives back to you, your readers, and your loved ones – you just have to tap in to the benefits!

how blogging gives back

How Blogging Gives Back

Making Connections

It is truly amazing how tight-knit the blogging community is, a perfect example is the SITS community! When you start supporting other bloggers they are most likely going to support you back, and oh, what a feeling! Knowing that someone out there is rooting for you may make you put the figurative pen to paper and crank out that next post.

Beyond blogging communities you’ll find linky parties that feel like a high school sleep over with your girl friends, blogs that are created simply to feature other bloggers, and guest posters that become pen pals. This kind of connection is invaluable when you are down in the dumps on blogging, so how do you get there? Quite simply: ask! If you are interested in someone guest posting – ask them! Want to be a part of the coolest linky party on the block? Well jump in!

Inspiring Your Readers

You probably created your blog to share your thoughts either with family and friends or just to have an outlet for yourself. Amazingly most blogs gain some type of following and people want to keep coming back! Why? Because they are getting something out of what you are writing! Readers are inspired by the projects and recipes you share, the tough (and happy!) times you talk about, and the helpful hints that make life better.

Be genuine and publish quality posts and it is guaranteed that some reader, some where will be thankful for it. The key is being yourself and only publishing content that you would want to read yourself. Nothing makes a bloggers day like reading a comment from a reader who is grateful for the information!

Finding Yourself

Everyone starts blogging for a reason, maybe they want to share pictures of their new baby, have somewhere to document a journey to their first marathon, or to collect all of the pretty things they find. If you let it, blogging will take you way beyond your starting point.

Let your blog posts take you out of your comfort zone! Try new, exciting recipes, go for the painting project you have wanted to try for so long, and join that local fitness program – you now have an entire audience to keep you accountable and, even more important, support you.

For a lot of bloggers (just ask around the SITS community!) their blog began as a hobby and one day they realized they loved what they did so much it could become a business. This is how a lot of Etsy shops are born and true talents are found, you just need to take the first step: try it!

Involving Your Kin

A blogger seems to be a term focused just me, myself, and I – but only to those who have never done it! Blogging starts within you, but everyone needs a little help! Getting your husband to take photos for you (he is just better at it!) or getting to do crafts with the kiddos for a post makes blogging a family affair. Even getting your best girl friend to guest post gives you something to share and gossip over – what could be better? Nothing! Except maybe a glass of wine to go with the gossip!

Blogging doesn’t have to be a one man sport, by spending time with your family and friends to create your posts you will enjoy your blog even more – and so will your readers! Take that first step towards fulfilling blogging today and reach out to a blogger you admire, before you know it you will have a second family in the blogging community – and you might even find yourself along the way!

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    Great post. It really rings true for me. I know so many bloggers who have taken their blogs and developed them into businesses (including me!). Finding that community is one of the best parts of being a blogger, though, whether you are blogging for fun or for business.

  2. says

    Blogging has been my therapy now for almost 2 years. And I am actually on my third blog. And I think by blogging through my rough times, I HAVE been able to find myself AND encourage and inspire my readers. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it!

  3. says

    I love these tips. Especially since blogging began as a mere outlet for ME. I’ve learned that it has been an amazing connector to like-minded women, some of whom have become very good friends. Like lucy above, I find it therapeutic, too. :)

  4. says

    Love this. Such a great reminder of how incredibly helpful and supportive this community truly is… I would be lost without it! Wonderful post!

  5. says

    It’s so true: blogging is a great way to make connections. But most of the time, they don’t come searching for us. I appreciate your advice to just try it!

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    We decided to throw a party for my son’s 18th birthday where WE invited the guests: his Dad and me.
    We chose men who had been spiritually influential in his life + one dear friend of his, whom he had known since his toddlerhood.
    Then after dinner the men shared with our son wisdom that they felt it was important for a young man to begin his adulthood knowing.

    I never expected to “inspire”. I’ve been amazed by all the people who have contacted me, saying they long to do something special like this for their own son or daughter.

    I forget the power that my words may have to be a blessing in someone else’s life. But words that move others to action are powerful things. They really can change the world.

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    Such great advice. I started blogging when I was pregnant with my first child as a way to keep family and friends updated. I had no idea that I would meet some wonderful people, find inspiration and challenge myself to become a better photographer through blogging!

  8. says

    You must have read my mind… I was sitting with my husband last night and wondering “why do I do what I do” (referring both to blogging and music) and “is this the right thing for me to be doing now?” I feel like everything in the universe is answering my second question with a resounding “yes,” including this post.

    Thanks. :-)

  9. says

    Great tips and advice!
    I’m currently on my 3rd blog (the other 2 I left behind) and I started each one for a different reason. I hope this one sticks.

  10. says

    I’m all about the involving the family aspect! Just last night my sister in law came over with her kiddos to help me pose and take a few photos of a kiddo craft I did… Don’t know how I’d blog without them!

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    I started blogging as a way to process my thoughts. It’s become more fulfilling than I could have imagined.

    For me, the greatest joy comes when someone comments that my thoughts helped them. That meandering through my own brain helps them find direction. As I find my way, I seem to be taking others with me. And it makes the path more beautiful.

  12. says

    What an awesome post! Blogging has given me so much already. I’m especially thankful for the amazing relationships it has given me. Yay blogging!