An Open Letter to Our Community

At the end of May 2014, we were both surprised and dismayed to learn that the Mommy Guru Media Blogging Network had re-branded themselves as Social Swayy. As most of you know, Sway Group has been in business since April of 2011 and has been actively using the service mark “Sway” since that time.

While there is plenty of room in the marketplace for various providers of social media services, Social Swayy’s use of a mark that is confusingly similar to Sway Group’s trademarks, for identical services, is likely to cause confusion amongst both our clients and influencers, given that it implies an association between Social Swayy and Sway Group where absolutely none exists.

We have invested both time and money (not to mention our hearts and souls) in the development of the “Sway” brand over the last three years. To have another company piggyback on this effort is disheartening at best. We have respectfully requested this company cease and desist all use of the “Swayy” brand immediately and we are working with outside counsel to bring closure to this matter.

We will continue to keep you apprised of any developments and we thank you all for your support.

Tiffany, Francesca, Danielle, and Allison
Managing Partners for Sway Group and Massive Sway

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    I came across their site the other day, before receiving your letter. I noticed the “Swayy” thing and thought pretty much the same thing: piggybacking.

    I’m sorry this has happened and hope that there is an amicable resolution.

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    I was sorry to receive this letter yesterday. There are ways of working together without piggybacking off of someone else’s hard-earned efforts. Hoping there is a quick resolution to this in the near future and keep doing what you do–you have helped so many bloggers gain exposure and your efforts are not wasted!

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    What a shame… you know you are onto something right when people copy your stuff – but this is just bad karma for them. I hope you get it resolved swiftly.