10 Amazing Photo Tips For Beginner Bloggers

Photo tips should be something that every new blogger searches for early on.

It’s true that a good picture is worth a thousand words, so a simple picture can tell a reader a lot with just a glance.

A picture could be the reason that a person decides to read your blog post rather than scrolling onto the next item in their Facebook newsfeed or hopping to the next blog in their list.

photo tips

Photo Tips

I’ve only recently started using pictures in my blog, but it’s almost become addicting. Here are my photo tips for how and why to use pictures with your posts, from how to avoid copyright issues to using Pinterest and Wordless Wednesday posts.

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    New photographers should also consider taking up candid photography! It’s a great way to capture really interesting moment!

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    Very helpful, insightful and honest tips!!

    Thank you for sharing!

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    Hi all

    Photographs are very important for if nothing else it captures the eyes of anyone and everyone. We all love to look at visuals even if we don’t like what we are looking at. Of course that not going to happen with your photographs :). What i find most when I’m travelling the internet of blogs is that the common problem is brightness. Someone takes a great image but its looks dull and dim. All it needs is a little brightness and it would pop off the page.


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    When I look back at my oldest posts when I wasn’t using pictures, I don’t like them as well, even if the writing was good. Now, I’m constantly taking pictures of things and saying, “Oh, this would make a great blog picture!” It drives Hubby nuts! :) I think you can overdo pictures, definitely, but a few well-placed images sometimes drives the post’s point home. And I love Picmonkey for adding words to my own photos. Thanks for all the tips!

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    I’m all about the photos. One of the best compliments I get about my blog is the photos I find to include in my posts. Generally, I pay to download images from a stock photography site. Whenever possible, I try to take my own photos as well. But, I feel that the stock images give it more of a professional feel.