Telling a Story With Pictures

Many photographers will tell stories on their blogs, whether it is about a trip, party, their weekend, or family. Why not use your images to enhance your story telling skills?

Photography Tips: Learn how to use photos to tell a story.

Tips to Tell a Story With Photos

1. Shoot from many different angles

You don’t want every single one of your images to be taken from the same location. You should be working up a sweat moving around your subject capturing every possible angle you can think of to tell the story. You will be surprised how one angle may tell a bigger story than another angle.
Shoot from:

  • Above
  • Below
  • The side
  • Behind
  • In front
  • Through a door

2. Capture the details

What is the story you are telling?? Think about what little details you could capture to help tell the story. If you are talking about a recent trip to the farmers market, capture the fruit, prices, scale, and the vendors. All these little details, when put together tell a pretty powerful story!

3. Start from the beginning and don’t forget to include the end

Don’t just start in the middle of your story. Capture the very beginning. If you are going on a road trip, capture everyone packing and loading the car. The middle is easy to capture as that is normally where the bulk of the story is being told. And don’t forget the end. After your fun road trip, get everyone sleeping in the car or the pure exhaustion (kids crying is great!) of the fun day! This is also a great way for food bloggers to share their recipes. Capture all the ingredients, a few photos of you preparing the food and your final photo.

4. Narrow down your pictures

It is so easy to want to show each and everyone of your pictures that you took to help tell your story. Something to keep in mind is everyone doesn’t have time to look at 40 pictures you took to help tell your story. I’m sure they are great, but you need to learn to critique your own images and only share a few. As a photographer, this is hard for me and I typically over share on my personal blog, but when it comes to my Click it Up a Notch blog, I try to limit the amount of pictures per post.

The number of pictures to share per post is completely up to you. Think of your readers and figure out what works best. I know for the photos I took below, I kept 25 (after I deleted the ones I didn’t want), but I know my readers would not want to look at 25 pictures of my kids painting.

5. Don’t forget about composition and lighting

We spent some time last week talking about photography composition and natural lighting. Keep them in mind when story telling. I promise it will make your photos more appealing.

photo story
Since I am a better photographer than writer, I love this type of photography to tell a story. It is an easy way to help your viewer feel like they were there and apart of the story.

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