What is Blekko & How Can It Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Backlinks are important to every blogger. They contribute to our Page Rank and where our blogs show up in the search engines for keywords we are targeting. Beyond SEO, these backlinks can also help us bring in targeted traffic. These are readers that are going to keep coming back to our sites, and in one way or another, they will contribute to the profitability of our blogs.

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How to Get Backlinks

There are a few tools that can provide us with backlink data. None of them are perfect. Very few are free. Blekko is one of those tools that will provide us with backlink data, and no subscription is required.

What is Blekko?

Blekko is a search engine that allows searchers to create custom searches with the use of slashtags. If you are a Twitter user, you are likely familiar with hashtags. Slashtags are similar, but they require the use of “/” rather than “#”. Backlink data can be found by doing a search for your domain with the slashtag “/domainlinks”.

Info You Can Gather From a /domainlinks Search Using Blekko

  • External Sites That Link to You
  • Pages Linked to
  • Anchor Text Used


How to Find Backlink Data in Blekko

  1. You will need to create a free account and login.
  2. Perform a search for yourdomain.com /domainlinks. (There is a space between the URL and /domainlinks.)
  3. By clicking through the number of links listed behind those URLs linking to your site, you can then see the page that linked to you, the page they linked to, and the anchor text they used.

Using Blekko to Get Backlinks

Blekko is one of the few free tools that will allow us to peek into another site’s backlinks. By analyzing the backlinks of blogs similar to your own, you will likely find new networks to engage and new guest posting opportunities. These new possibilities can lead to more readers.

Over time we can become a little too comfortable with how our blogs are progressing. We start relying a little more on our readers to promote our work than we did back when we would show up anywhere and everywhere to find new faces. We start hanging out in only a few places as opposed to exploring new networks. Complacency is never good. Use Blekko to get out of your comfort zone. Find those new opportunities and new faces for your fabulous blog.

About the Author

work at home wifeAngie Nelson is a Virtual Assistant, avid blogger and PLR producer. The Work at Home Wife will show you how to make money from home as a home business owner, freelancer and blogger. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ashley is a mom of 3 young children, social media consultant and blogger. She focuses on strategizing for bloggers and small businesses to help them reach their online potential and subsequent sales potential as cofounder of Other Half Media. When she’s not busy creating blogger outreach programs, email or social media campaigns, she blogs her life, parenting, and frequent moves at My Front Porch Swing. Connect on @AshleyNAbele on Twitter and on Facebook.
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    That is an interesting way to use blekko. Though the search engine is not really mainstream, it surely is useful to seo practitioners.

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    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to going over your
    web page again.

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    Thanks for the useful info, my seo efforts are starting to show I’m doing something right! Ill definitely be trying this out along with what I’m already doing.

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    I created an account on Blekko, but it seems that they are not offering the SEO functions to new members. Do you have any intel on how to gain access or perhaps another site that you might recommend?

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  9. says

    I set up an account with Blekko and verified my email and went to search and it said:
    “Hi courtneylynne09,
    You do not have an SEO subscription.
    New user registration is closed at this time.”

    I guess it’s no longer free anymore. :(

  10. says

    I signed up for blekker and when I tried to use the /domainlinks, this is the message I received:

    “You do not have an SEO subscription.

    New user registration is closed at this time.”

    I did register and create an new account, but it won’t let me search for links. Perhaps they are changing policy. I, also, am a relatively new blogger and not very educated on these things. Thank you for helping us!

    • says

      The same thing just happened to me… I have a feeling they are going to be moving to a paid service for SEO making this article obsolete :(

  11. says

    OH! Interesting! But I’m a little confused. Unless you have a very broad topic or title, isn’t it hard for someone to enter in a specific search? For instance, the title of my blog post today is “Why I’m Happy I have a Vagina”. But I don’t think people google that very often..Or do they????!)

  12. says

    Great info about Blekko, this gave me a really good understanding of how to use it for my benefit and gain backlinks.

    Thanks again

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    that is such a cool tool. Most websites available to do those kind of searches charge an arm and a leg. I created an account and it’s pretty awesome the information available. thx for the tip

  14. says

    Thanks Angie,

    Great overview of Blekko and how to research sites using it. We are a web publisher and find this tool to be quite helpful for all of our sites – again, thanks for this informative blog post. We connected with you via Twitter too.

    Best Regards,


  15. says

    Very interesting! I have never heard of that before. I doubt anyone is liking to me right now though considering I am a blogging newbie but def something to check out in the future.

  16. Sara says

    Hey some nice tips here. They come really hand for me because I just started a blog like 2 weeks ago and I need this kind of advices. Thanks 😉

    Have a nice day,

  17. says

    I’d never heard of this service but wow, helpful! Backlinks have always been an issue for me and this is such a great (free) way to track them. Thank you!!

  18. says

    Very interseting and helpful information here. I feel as though it will take me a while to get completely familiar with this site, but I look forward to learning.


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        Hi Angie I read through a few of your posts and soppted here. I love your heart it’s so apparent through these blogs.I’m so glad you soppted by! And that you’re interested in learning Hebrew! I have so much fun teaching it I’d love for you to join. Torah Tuesday goes up every Tuesday morning, and I’ve had a couple other random blog posts about Hebrew, which may continue. Yeah! I’m so glad to meet’ you! I remember seeing you over at Alece’s blog. I haven’t seen He’s Just Not That Into You the title makes me concerned about what the theme is. But the effect it had on you was wonderful! So that’s very good! God bless!

  19. says

    I’m relatively new to blogging and really appreciate info like this, it is so nice in the blog world that these tips aren’t kept top secret but shared with fellow bloggers. Thank you for contributing to this wonderful community in such an open and generous way!

    • says

      No secrets here, Deirdre. Feel free to hop on over and take advantage of any new backlink opportunities you find in my data. I don’t believe in competition, only collaboration. 😉

  20. says

    Angi, I signed up, got my search results, but don’t really understand the value of what I’m looking at.
    I wish you could point out to me the information on the search result that might be valuable to me.

    Lots of what I see are sites where I comment, (like here) and of course with Comment Luv, there would be links back to me.

    But there are some sites I’ve never visited, and I wonder why they are on my search results.
    If you have any insight on this, I’d love to have you teach me some more.

    • says

      Hi, Susan. Let’s see what I can explain without the ability to include more screenshots. 😉

      1. If I am looking at the backlinks for my blog and I see a site that I don’t recognize, I am going to click through the blue number. In this new set of data I am going to see what this other site is linking to and how. Are they just mentioning my site in passing? Are they referencing a specific post that I wrote? If they are promoting my work in a good light unsolicited, obviously I want to stop over and thank them. This is going to nurture that relationship.

      2. One of the biggest benefits of Blekko is looking at the backlinks of sites similar to mine. I can’t keep tabs on every opportunity, community, blog directory that comes along. By looking at the backlinks of another blog like my own, I can see what I am missing. I may find guest posting opps, paid contributor gigs that will allow me to promote my blog, new forums, etc.

      Does that help?

    • says

      Don’t overwhelm yourself, Journee. Take things one at a time. You can always bookmark this and come back at a later time.

      Best of luck in blogging!

  21. Mama K says

    Thanks very much for the tip. Like you’ve mentioned most services with back link info seem to be fee based so I’ll be checking Blekko out for sure.

  22. says

    Thanks so much for this information. I have never heard of Blekko. How is this different from google analytics, which I just installed a few days ago? So much to learn and so little time. :)

    • says

      Hi, Mindi. Blekko will let you dig into your backlinks which is something that Analytics won’t let you do at this time. Analytics is great for looking into your traffic sources, popular content, etc.

      That being said – If you are new blogging, I would recommend getting comfortable with Analytics before worrying about Blekko. One thing at a time. 😉

  23. says

    I had heard of Blekko – but wasn’t too sure what it was. This is helpful thank you! Always on the lookup for new things to help my blogging “system” (if you can call it that!).

    • says

      Mine often feels like the antithesis of a system, Susan. lol Blekko offers a lot of cool little options for searching the internet.

  24. says

    Thanks for the tip. As a relatively new blogger I am trying to look for new networks to engage in as well as finding new readers. Thanks1

  25. says

    I have so much to learn about SEO. Another program to use, might be helpful but seems very simliar to the stats info my Blogger account already provides. How is it different?

    • says

      Unlike your personal stats Laura, blekko will also allow you to look at the backlinks of other sites. This is typically a service you have to pay for.

      By exploring backlinks of sites similar to your own, you can often find new directories, forums, communities, guest posting opportunities, etc. that you can take advantage as well.

      • says

        Blekko will only allow you to do the domainlinks search if you have an SEO account with them. It sahs registration is now closed. :(