New Year’s Resolution? Tell Us & Win A BBC Online Pass!

It’s been a big year here at SITS, and we are looking forward to the new year. But before we celebrate, we’re giving away FOUR All-Access passes to Bloggy Boot Camp Online – a great new BBC concept we’re introducing in 2012! Learn more about BBC Online by going here.

BBC Online Giveaway

Each giveaway requires you to do something very simple and holiday-related to enter to win.

Giveaway #4: Leave A Comment With Your New Year’s Resolution.

This giveaway for one of our 4 BBC All Access passes starts today and runs through 11:59 p.m. PST on January 2nd.

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post by telling us what your New Year’s resolution is.

Our first giveaway kicked off last Tuesday and you still have plenty of time to enter. Head over to this post and link up YOUR favorite holiday post from this year! Easy-peasy! The second giveaway started on Thursday and it’s Twitter based. More details on that here. And finally, you can get a third shot at winning by sharing a holiday photo on our Facebook wall!

All four giveaways end on January 2nd, so you have lots of time to enter all four. Winners will be announced the week of January 2nd on the SITS Facebook page. We’ll also be tweeting out information on these giveaways under hashtag #BBCOnline.

A Holiday Gift For You

We want to say thank you for all of your wonderful support this year! So in addition to giving away the 4 BBC Online Passes, we’re offering the entire SITS community $10 off our BBC Online All Access Pass. Maybe you’ll be traveling over the holidays and won’t have the chance to enter the giveaways…or maybe you’re just not feeling lucky? Then use promotional code SITS10 to get your discounted BBC Online Pass. Register at Eventbrite for your BBC Online Pass here. Enjoy!

Have fun, good luck and happy holidays!


  1. I’m resolving to stop using my camera in auto mode!
    Sarah recently posted..Sweet Talks with Christina Simon of Beyond the Brochure

  2. My resolution is DON’T OBSESS. It’s possible to get things done without getting all controlling and stressed, and it’s impossible to keep everything under control all the time, and it’s ok. Learning to let go of some control is a good adjustment to create for better life enjoyment and for health!
    Elisa recently posted..Pinspiration for the New Year

  3. My blogging resolution is to engage with followers more. My personal resolution is to lose 6 lbs.
    Melanie recently posted..Ten Titles Done Right

  4. I’ve quit doing resolutions and started last year with a theme.
    2011 was TRANSFORMATION to dedicate the year in helping our little boy with his behaviors.
    2012 is all about TRANSITION. With my hubby retiring soon, we will be transitioning to less income, less day care, and a tighter budget.

    Happy New Year, Y’All!!!
    Penelope recently posted..Introducing Our New Son

  5. New Year resolution…spend time EVERY day in devotion and meditation/prayer.
    Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot recently posted..Cranberry-Orange Spiced Jello salad

  6. To be more like jesus than I was last year:)

  7. Go screen-free on day a week. Go gluten-free on January. Be more present.
    Eternal*Voyageur (Venusian*Glow) recently posted..Drinking Yeast Quickens Hair Growth And Strengthens Nails

  8. I have a detailed list of 22 new things for 2012- including using my amazing new camera (THANK YOU to theSITSgirls!!!), taking a cooking class and seeing a burlesque show… basically, my resolution is to do NEW things that push me outside of my comfort zone and let me experience life to the fullest in ways I can’t picture!

    Happy 2012, wishing everyone the best!
    Shannyn recently posted..22 in 2012: Since 12 New Things Is Too Tame

  9. My resolution is about losing weight – I’ve had this resolution for most of my life. Why change it now?!
    Louise@girlbehind recently posted..Gingerbread Men

  10. My New Years Resolution is to make going to bed and waking up early a priority because I know it’s best for my productivity. At least most of the week.
    Christine@TheAums recently posted..What Do You Want To Be Now That You’re (Sort Of) Grown Up?

  11. My most important resolution for 2012 is to deliver a healthy (full term) baby in July. Other than that though I would also like to start to teach my 2 older kids German, get back into blogging and finally (really) launch the handmade business that I wanted to start this past summer.
    Michaela recently posted..Happy Holidays!

  12. My resolution is to actually have a plan this year. I always say I’m going to come up with a plan. This year. I’m doing it!

  13. Eat more greens. Do a real bike ride. Park my kids in front of the TV less. Take my kids to the museum more.
    Liz recently posted..Add a Little Pop to Your New Year’s Celebration!

  14. My resolution is to do whatever it takes to have an antibiotic free year! (hopefully having healed my body, I can then heal whatever my issues are that keep me from losing weight).

    Here’s to hoping!!!

    Happy New Year SITS
    Stefanie recently posted..January 7th Sensory Friendly Film: The Adventures of Tintin

  15. My resolution is to write and send birthday cards to all my immediate family ON TIME.
    Emily @ Emily’s Thought Blog recently posted..LIFE thru a LENS

  16. I am resolving to being OK with not sticking to any resolutions. One must be reasonable sooner then later, right?
    Stasha recently posted..I heart Photography Concentrate

  17. I want to get organized, in life and on my blog, so I can get all the things I want to do underway!
    Naomi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  18. I resolve to continue on with what I learned this year: Be open to new possibilities and #ShedtheCrap!
    Just Jennifer recently posted..TGIF: December’s Best Edition

  19. Hmmm I’d say to complete the 365 Love Dare with my hubby! We’ve been on a start / stop pattern lately.
    Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure recently posted..Santa Came to Our House!

  20. My New Year’s Resolution…to find out who I am. I know who I used to be {before I left my career to raise my children} My kids are both in school, my husband has a career he loves, I want to find out who I am and what I love…my blog is a step in that direction.

    Cheers to a Happy New Year!
    Suzanne @TheWineabe recently posted..Last Minute Revamp

  21. My New Year’s Resolution isn’t big, but It’s important to me. I’m going to try really hard to not sweat the small stuff this year. I find myself all too often being mentally bogged down by tons of little naggy thoughts that I know are detrimental to my relationships, productivity and happiness. Here’s to more clarity and calm!
    Craftwhack recently posted..Unsung Heroes of Kids’ Books-Part 2

  22. My new years resolution is to take all my businesses to the next level, i.e blogging, developing apps working from home, etc. I plan to be successfully 2012. Not sure how yet, but Im working on it!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Good question. I’m not a big fan of resolutions, but I do get in the mood to diet this time of year after more than a month of overindulging. It’s a perfect time of year as everyone else is on diets also. And I would like to lose a pound or two (or fifty!) I’m never very successful at it because I have the willpower of a 3 year old child! But its definitely time to give it another try.
    adrian recently posted..They Make Blind Children See

  24. My new years resolution is to be more content, to live in contentment, to understand what it is to be content, especially in my faith.

    Happy New Year!
    Kathleen recently posted..Happy New Year and What a Year it Was!

  25. My resolution is to practice piano for one measly hour a week, 25 years after quitting it. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? DOES IT?
    Nancy Davis Kho recently posted..A Musical Resolution

  26. My resolution is to find joy in the little things.
    Young Yoga Masters recently posted..True Story Connects With Kids In Yoga

  27. I have six New Year’s resolutions (you can read them on my latest post). One of them is to learn to cook Mediterranean food. recently posted..The Secret to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

  28. My blogging resolution is to make a little more money this year from my blog and/or get some freelance writing gigs. My personal resolution is to lose 50 lbs. I’ve already lost 7 lbs, so I’m on my way!

  29. It’s been forever since I’ve commented because my personal life exploded and then my PC died. But I’m back. yay!
    Rebekah C recently posted..Vaccine Camps and How I got to Mine

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