Costa del Sol Spain

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to visit Spain as a travel correspondent for Sea Cuisine {I know, so cool.}

We spent an incredible week traveling the Costa del Sol region of Spain, which lies along the coast.


We ate tons of seafood, experienced Spanish culture and completely fell in love with the region.

This week, Sea Cuisine is featuring my trip on their website. I’d love for you to come check out my adventure and would be so grateful for a comment or two, a tweet or a share on Facebook.

I think it’s amazing when a brand chooses to partner with bloggers in a real way and really commend Sea Cuisine for creating such an innovative campaign.

Disclosure: As a travel correspondent, my expenses were covered by Sea Cuisine. All opinions are my own.

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  1. God I love Spain!! I stayed mostly in Valencia and Barcelona, but I loved Sevilla and Cadiz! I am a coast girl as u can see! I am glad i found this website because i am all about supporting each other..hope u visit my blog sometime!

  2. Congrats Tiffany on your trip and the opportunity to partner with Sea Cuisine. Did you do the post on how to help bloggers pitch companies ideas like this? I thought after the Puerto Rico trip that you were planning to write something up. Did I miss it?

    • The Puerto Rico trip was me pitching the property. I went to them with the idea.

      This trip was organized by the brand/pr and they contacted bloggers, so pitch on my end. You are welcome to email me about the Puerto Rico pitch.

  3. Can’t wait to see and read more about your trip. I loved going to Spain in high school – and so want to go back (especially to Northern Spain b/c we missed that part on the trip) someday soon.

    Love that you were chosen to experience and share such an amazing trip!

  4. What a super fun experience!! Someday I’ll travel to Spain.

  5. Wahhh.. That’s awesome!!!! I love… I wish I’d get free trips like that toooooo…

  6. How awesome! What a terrific assignment! La Costa del Sol is the place where I’ve dreamed to own a small Mediterranean holiday home. Something that’s only a few steps from the beach. I loved, loved, loved my time there years ago. The people are nice, the weather is terrific and the food — oh, the food, is delicious! I stayed in Mijas Costa, and partied in Marbella. Puerto Banus is expensive — but worth a pin on anyone’s itinerary.

  7. It is so awesome that Sea Cuisine was willing to do this, and so awesome that you had the opportunity to participate and partner with them, Tiffany! Brava!

  8. I would so love to do that! Just wow.

  9. Wow, so amazing! I believe a Tweet is in order! :-)

  10. I JUST watched a house hunters international about a couple who got a place in Costa del Sol region of Spain and told my husband we need to consider that area besides just Italy. Can’t wait to read your post about it. Adios!

    • We actually started pricing out apartments on the beach boardwalk in Torremolinos- it was so chic, so clean, so gorgeous. We would absolutely consider retiring there.

  11. Barbara @madreminutes says:

    My daughter just got back from Mijas where she spent six months at descipleship training school. What I want to know is how you got the travel correspondant job? That sounds awesome. Sounds like a blast.

    • Sea Cuisine contacted bloggers and I ended up on that list and able to go. It was wonderful. We weren’t to far from Mijas!

  12. What an amazing opportunity!

  13. Such an incredible adventure Tiffany! I bet you just love your job ;)
    We ran out of money after a month roaming through Europe on our honeymoon and never made it down the Spain. I am dreaming of going there one day…cannot wait to hop over and read your blog post!!

    • It was AWESOME. We would go back to Torremolinos in a second. If you end up with the chance to go back, don’t skip this part of Spain… it’s incredible.

  14. I love Costa del Sol. I lived in Spain during college for study abroad. Ahh….I’m dreaming of it! ;)
    Glad you enjoyed! Cheers~

  15. What an amazing opportunity!

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