Favorite Social Media Platform for Bloggers

We all know blogging is about more than simply hitting “publish” on a post and being done with it. It’s also about community and about joining in different social media platforms to promote our posts and get to know other bloggers and our readers.

But, there are only so many hours in a day. So while you might attempt to spend some time on each social media platform every day, most bloggers have their favorite. We asked some of our SITStahs to share which one they prefer and why.

favorite social media


  • It’s so hard to pick one! I used to love Facebook, but it’s hard to keep up with their ever changing format and rules. However, I think it’s still my favorite. For one, I know how to use it!  And even with the annoying quirks, it’s still a great way to share pictures, posts, and interact with others. –Adrienne, The Mommy Mess
  • Gonna have to go with Facebook! Maybe it’s because of the complete and utter lack of anything threatening about that platform (because everyone and their grandma has a profile)…or maybe because you can really have a fun back and forth at any time…but I get responses from folks on Facebook who would never in a million years leave a blog comment. Or repin a post. Oddly enough, most of my blog traffic comes from Facebook and from non-bloggers! -Keely, Lollygag Blog
  • Facebook is my fav!  It’s just plain easy to use.  Its easy to keep up and look up everything!  Too bad they keep changing it.  You don’t have to use hash tags.   You are not limited to a specific # of characters. –Wanda, Recreate and Decorate


  • I like Twitter best for connecting with other bloggers. Also for sharing my posts and for retweeting posts by others that I like. -Denise, According to Denise
  • For blogging, my favorite platform is Twitter. The conversation is easy, people are friendly, and I can quickly get a response or feedback when I ask/say something. I also get more traffic if I send out a link through there rather than on Facebook. -Kimberly, Reflections of Now
  • My favorite platform, even though I haven’t been on it much lately, is Twitter. I feel like I’m texting with friends. You can jump in on conversations, spread the news of a great post and/or just have fun. It is the one platform where I don’t pay attention to the numbers. I go there when I want to be reminded of why I started blogging in the first place…to meet new people and find new interests. Facebook is my second favorite. I don’t have huge numbers like some other fan pages but I have a wonderful group of people that support me and make it fun. –Kristen, The Preppy Girl in Pink
  • I just love Twitter.  I love the interaction and the quick response I get from there. –Rach, Life Ever Since
  • I really like using Twitter…I feel like you get more immediate responses than you do using FB. –Natalie, From Corporate to Domestic


  • My favorite social media platform right now, is Pinterest. I love it not for its traffic-driving capabilities (although I’ve had some great traffic from it for certain posts), but for the fact that I find great content on it – be it recipes, parenting advice, or unique Etsy products. I can’t say away! -Alison, Writing, Wishing
  • I’m a visual thinker. Pinterest just “gets” me. -Kelly, KellyTirman.com
  • Pinterest is a must have tool in my content strategy toolbox. I use it to curate great content and I use it to brainstorm and get inspired for content I create. –Yuliya, She Suggests

Google +

  • Facebook has been my favorite social media site for a long time, and it drives the most traffic to my blog. But I am really falling in love with Google+. It isn’t driving the same amount of traffic as facebook, but it is good for SEO, and the hangout feature is a great way to connect with readers and other bloggers. -Tracie, From Tracie
  • I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite yet, but what I’m seeing on G+ are more meaningful interactions and conversations between less close acquaintances. In my case, writers sharing resources and having discussions in the Communities, with far more ease than I’ve found on any other platform. –Cameron, http://camerondgarriepy.com/
  • I keep seeing how beneficial it is.  I like the communities a lot.  Been becoming more active here in the last week or so. –Julie,  http://soldierswifecrazylife.com
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    Awesome info, thanks! I think I still prefer Facebook to Twitter, but slowly Twitter is taking the lead. I just find it’s easier to connect on Twitter with likeminded bloggers, but FB is nice because everyone seems to have an account and it’s easy enough to share info.

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    I am using face book for such a long time and I am so comfortable finding my way around it. But like some one said here before, it takes long to get response in our groups. on the other hand, I joined Twitter very recently and was very apprehensive about learning the trade. But it is very quick with interactions and getting followers and finding new interests. I am pleasantly surprised that for blogging purposes, Twitter caters well as a social platform than face book. But both are good. I am very very new to pinterest and still finding hard to master it. so, no comments on that front :) Great post, awesome information. Thank you :)

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    I would like to learn how to utilize Pinterest for blog exposure. Just started Instagram too. Anyone using Vine? Not enough hours in the day!

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    I usually love both Facebook as well as Google+ because I get most of the traffic from these two. So I always do much blog promotion in these 2 social medias.

  5. says

    This is the first time I’ve seen folks say they like G+ and give me a reason that I can understand. Thanks :)

    Ps. For me it’s Twitter…just “works”

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    Google+ has driven visitors to Blended4Purpose. I don’t understand the marketing of your blog on facebook and it does not work for me. Thank you for the tips.


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    I use intensively almost all the social networks. Nevertheless, I would give G+ a “plus”, as it really makes things easier for me. Facebook started great, but nowadays we have to pay in order to get a decent exposure for the fans. In addition, I also use Pinterest and I have managed to receive a significant traffic, almost every day.

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    It’s so interesting to read about other bloggers’ favourites, and why. I like Twitter and Facebook, even though the rules on Facebook can be frustrating, as well as the fact that only a portion of followers of a page see the posts. As for Google+….. yeah, I’ve tried it, don’t get it. 😉

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    Linked In is my current favorite. I like that it is a way to share old blog posts when people ask questions. And I’ve found good information in the groups for projects I’ve been working on.

    Anyone else like Linked In?

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    FB is my best source of traffic right now. I would really love to “get” Twitter. Despite retweeting and tweeting, sharing and pinning, I can’t get any views from Twitter or Pinterest :(

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    I’m still hesitant about attaching my blog to any social media…. I guess if I want to make something more of my blog, I don’t have much of a choice! :)

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    I have to go with Pinterest. It’s the one I enjoy using the most. I can’t stand Facebook anymore for promoting my site. I like it for the groups, but that’s about it. I’m working on getting used to Google+, and I do like it a little better than Facebook right now. Twitter, I know it’s supposed to be awesome and I use it a lot, but I don’t really like it. I have a hard time saying anything in just 140 characters!

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    Why is StumbleUpon not included? That’s my favorite platform :) The amount of traffic I get from them is awesome and I’ve also managed to build a good group of like-minded followers who share a lot of great content with me.

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    I love seeing everyones view. I’m a Twitter fan myself. I can neatly organize people into groups and get to the exact people I want to. I even have a SITS list so I can see what everyone here is doing.

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    thanks so much for the great info!

    i’ve been experiencing google+ for quite some time now..and i figured out that the majority of people on google+ is all about art/photography.
    they don’t seem to be interested in blogs, posts and blogging in general.

    they only comment, plus and sharing pictures that are displayed on google+ pages-not on blogs.

    blogging is another world, and i don’t think it drives traffic to my blog either.

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    I want to love Google + but right now I really don’t understand it. If anyone has a good article on Google + I would love to read it. Also is everyone using Google + as their personal name or using a fan page on there?

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    It used to be facebook, but I am starting to not love it. My favorite, currently, is Twitter and I am finally learning to use Google+. It all just takes some time and dedication.

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    It didn’t make your list but I’m really in love with Instagram. Twitter to me has become very automated. Unless you are in a Twitter chat or just happen to be on there during the right time of day a lot of it just scheduled tweets. Facebook has been great for my IRL friends but the fan page has been ever changing. Google + it’s a slow growing process but I think it will be worth it to grow. Pinterest has become a really great source for creating boards for bloggers! I have lots of boards for blogging tips and bloggers in my area or niche bloggers. They are easy to find! :)

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    so interesting to see what others think about this! I always loved Facebook, but I think that Twitter is rapidly becoming my favorite – such a neat way to connect with so many people!

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    My favorite is Twitter. All the people are so different and have different opinions and they make me laugh. I notice that I say different things from what I say from Facebook. They are a little raunchier.

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    Google+ drives me insane. When I combined my blogger profile with it no one was able to respond to comments I left on their blogs. Instead it gave me a noreply at blogger email. So that really turned me off on them. I am not a real big pusher of my posts, I feel , I don’t know like I am begging or being bothersome lol..

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    Great info, thanks! These tips are incredibly helpful as we’re promoting our new blog. For us, we split the difference: Norine handles Facebook while Jessica has really found her voice on Twitter. We’re going to have to experiment with Google+. And OF COURSE we’re on Pinterest! Thanks again for the advice.

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    Very interesting! I think that Twitter has been my favourite since I started blogging – and for a while was my only social media outlet, But now that I have started my blog’s Facebook page, I am really enjoying it, and wish I had started it sooner!