Grow Your Following on Instagram With Us: #SITSSummer


It seems that everywhere you turn people are excitedly sharing photos with friends and family.

At least, we now are…


That’s right. You can now find The SITS Girls on Instagram.

To celebrate, we felt like we needed a community event, something that would bring us all together to learn more about this photo sharing app and build everyone’s following.

Plus, it is kinda what we do. :)

Here’s how you can get involved…

#SITSSummer on Instagram

1. Link Up Your Instagram Account

If you are interested in growing your following, then add a link to your Instagram account below.

We want to see your photos!

To link directly to your Instagram account, you’ll need to do so using Followgram. It is a super easy app developed as a way to extend Instagram’s functionality to the web. Plus, if you are anything like us, the faster you can follow people, the better.

2. Read our Instagram Tutorials

For the coming week, we’ll be doing what we do best, educating you on the in’s and out’s of how to use this latest, greatest social media darling. Check back as we’ll be publishing daily tips on how to use Instagram and grow your following.

3. Use the Hashtag #SITSSummer on Instagram

You know how we like to keep things fun, so in honor of our Instagram kickoff, we’ll be hosting a mini 7 day photo challenge. All you need to do is post pictures using the below prompts for the next seven days and we’ll be featuring ALL of them here on The SITS Girls and sharing via our social media channels.

It is all happening now, so grab your Android or iPhone and jump in!

  • Wednesday, June 27: Outside
  • Thursday, June 28: Friends
  • Friday, June 29: Water
  • Saturday, June 30: Morning Routine
  • Sunday, July 1: Staying Cool
  • Monday, July 2: Family
  • Tuesday, July 3: Feeling Patriotic

Instagram is such a great way to get a peek into one another’s world.  To check out all the photo fun, be sure to head over to our Instagram photo page. We’re featuring everyone who is participating here on The SITS Girls and via our social media channels.

Join us!

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About Francesca

One of two behind The SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp. Believer that this community is a movement, and not just a website. Currently on a quest for unending free WiFi & stronger caffeine. I'd love to get to know you better: Find me on Twitter @FranBanducci and on Google+.


  1. Up to five feet.

  2. follow me on instagram ceeocee !!

  3. xtreme says:

    FOLLOW shorti_reg on instagram shes on disney channel!! @shorti_reg @shorti_reg @shorti_reg
    FOLLOW shorti_reg on instagram shes on disney channel!! @shorti_reg @shorti_reg @shorti_reg
    FOLLOW shorti_reg on instagram shes on disney channel!! @shorti_reg @shorti_reg @shorti_reg

  4. What a great idea! I’ve had instagram for a while now. But, I don’t do the usual posts. My angle is a bit different than most. I added a link on my Weather Anchor Mama blog. Please check it out. I haven’t really paid much attention in growing in, but I just checked. I have more followers on instagram than my own blog. Crazy!

  5. My computer added “pinterest” to the name, but this is my instagram account…Sorry!!!

  6. SITS Girls–you all are helping me learn so much! Keep up the great work!

  7. Ooh this is fun! Great idea ladies!

  8. Thank You! I needed to get some followers without an Instagram Follow Me Campaign! I appreciate all the folks that are now following my Instagram pics @ nickel88 :)

  9. Oh no! I linked my blog and not my instagram! Should I add the right one??? Doh!

  10. Awesome I love my instagram!

  11. This is so cool! I’m starting to get into Instagram, so I’m glad you’re giving advice about it!!

  12. This is terrific–I just decided to start using Instagram in a systematic way, so the timing is perfect!

  13. I would participate but I don’t have instagram… or a smartphone. I have one of those old ass ancient flippy open POS phones :P

  14. Thanks, and I just learned how to let others follow me thanks to this.

  15. I love this idea too! I am definitely addicted to Instagram so excited to find new folks to follow!

  16. Instagram is my new obsession! Love this! :0)

  17. I’m a big fan of instagram and look forward to seeing all your photos. I’m off to add you to my Instagram feed. See you all at #SITSSummer.

  18. TroubledItalian

  19. I’m addicted to Instagram. It turns your everyday photo into a real moment- catcher :)

  20. Yay! Just added my link! Can’t wait to join in~

  21. This is SUCH a great idea. :) Absolutely love SITS and instagram. Perfect combination ;)

  22. Yay! Love Instagram!

  23. So excited, I am addicted to Instagram. I can’t wait for the mini challenge!!!!

  24. Awesome. Just got Instagram going (finally an Android app).
    Does anyone know how to change your profile picture?

  25. Can’t wait! I’ve recently become super addicted to instagram, so this is exciting :)

  26. Thanks so much for doing this!

  27. I haven’t checked out instagram yet but I know alot of my friends do it.

  28. I’m kinda addicted to Instagram, so this should be fun!

  29. Yay! I love instagram and I have to admit it has stolen a lot of my twitter time.

  30. So freaking cool!!!

  31. Jeanine says:

    I am addicted to instagram!! Off to follow everyone!!!

  32. Roses Daughter says:

    Love this idea!!!!

  33. What a fun idea! Thanks so much for putting this together. I have joined in and it’s going to be great to see new photos in my feed!

  34. Hollaaaaa! I love Instagram! This is gonna be so fun!

  35. You guys are awesome. Having a photo hunt for my iPhone…… Off to create my follow gram account.

  36. Love love love this! Thanks SITS girls.

  37. I love this! I love Instagram but know I’m not using it to the full of its potential! ;)

  38. This is great! I love Instagram!

  39. I”m looking forward to this! I just started using Instagram, and like everything else, I don’t quite know how to use it to it’s advantage. I can’t wait to figure it out!

  40. Love this!! I’m newly addicted to Instagram so this is PERFECT!


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