How to Be Successful on Facebook & Avoid Common Mistakes

Ever wonder why your Facebook fanpage is not more successful? Here are 8 insider secrets to ensuring you are continually able to grow your fan base on Facebook.

How to Be Successful on Facebook

You’ve been trying to boost business with a Facebook Page, but you haven’t seen results. I’ve got some bad news for ya: Facebook’s grouping of related content may end up hiding some of your posts. Combine that with general anxiety about social media, a touch of cynicism because you aren’t quite convinced this Social Media thing is here to stay, and you’ve got some stale-as-a-saltine pages that are in need of a little TLC. They just need some design pizzazz and some strategy to give them a total mind and body makeover.

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  1. Lindsay Richardson says:

    Great info!!

  2. Very useful, interesting and helpful. I’m still reading it but I can say that it changed my way of thinking about Facebook. Now I’m going to get the most of it.

  3. Very helpful article. I was reminded of some things I knew and learned some new techniques as well. Now to put them into practice! Thank you!

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  4. The changes to the FB algorithm have been so disappointing for us small page owners. Yes, it’s about creating shareable content but there’s only so much you can do when a fraction of your fans are seeing your posts.

  5. Great tips, thank you!

  6. Timing is definitely important. You can’t always get it right, but if there is ever a way to associate your posts/topics with current events, holidays or anything else relevant then you’re more likely to get people’s attention.

  7. Thanks so much! Sounds very useful

  8. Thanks so much for this! Just what I needed to hear and just the right time! I really appreciate the specific advice and clarity you bring to the FB Page process.

  9. Good tips! Some I am already doing and some I need to work on… this was helpful, thanks!

  10. Looking forward to reading this, Facebook has made so many changes recently so would love some tips.

  11. yay! Can’t wait to go read this!

  12. I was just reading this link, thanks so much for posting! I’m off to go and take the tips and apply them!

  13. can’t wait to read this post thank you

  14. I’m looking forward to reading this! Thanks for sharing. :)


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