How To A Make Facebook Page That Gets Noticed

We’re giving you everything you need to know to create a Facebook landing page on your own!

In Part One of this Facebook mini-series, I talked about how important it is to make your Facebook Page stand out through customization. We stressed the importance of having a landing tab to welcome new visitors to your Page and encouraging them to ‘Like’ it.

how to make a facebook page

In the past, many landing tabs used FBML, which was Facebook’s own version of HTML. If you have worked with FBML in the past, you may be surprised or overwhelmed by the fact that Facebook has moved away from FBML in favor of iFrames. Although this change may seem like a hassle, the iFrames are actually a great change. An iFrame is simply a web page within a web page. So instead of using a different language, your Facebook tab is now using the same programming languages that you already use on your website or blog. This makes integrating with your site much easier because it takes away the limitations on what can be put on your Facebook page. Almost anything that can be done on a website can now be done on your Facebook Page.

There are a few different directions you can go in setting up your landing tab depending on your comfort level doing design and programming. We have listed the approaches below from the least to the most difficult.

1. Ready-Made Templates

If you have little to no experience in programming you can opt for using a third-party application. There are several sites out there that have ready-made templates in which you drop in your graphics and add your text. Simply create an account with one of these companies, install their application into your Facebook Page and then create your landing tab within their platform. Note that if you are going with the “free” option, your functionality is limited. In order to have no third party advertising, ability to manipulate design elements and add things like video, chances are there will be a monthly fee involved. Each company varies in cost, but most start out at around $10 a month for more inclusive plans.

There are several different companies providing this service. Here are just a few of them: Pagemodo, Faceitpages, Hubze, Wildfire Interactive, Shortstack Lab

make a page facebook

Example of a template design from

2. Custom-Code Within a Blank iFrame App

If you’re pretty good at programming, or are planning on using a designer/programmer, another option is to install a blank iFrame app into your FB Page. This lets you design and program your page exactly how you’d like it (baring in mind the 520 pixels width restriction) directly within the blank app (or paste it in from your DreamWeaver or your text-edit program).

Note: If your blog is NOT self-hosted, in other words if you use Blogger, etc, in most cases you will need somewhere online to store images, such as a hosting provider or an online service like Photobucket.

how to make a page on facebook

JOYS’ landing tab is custom designed and uses incentives, submission forms and testimonials. {Click to visit on Facebook}

By designing your own Facebook landing page, you have better control over the layout. Your design can be as simple as a single image that you’ve created using a photo editing program or as complex as adding videos or even forms for newsletter subscriptions.

how to make a facebook page

Tiffany & Co uses a reveal page. {Click the image to visit on Facebook}

You can also create a ”two-stage” or “reveal” effect by making  the latest content become viewable only once the ‘Like’ button has been clicked. Here are some code-heavy instructions on how to do this if you’re interested.

3. Hosting Your Own iFrame page

To create complex tabs that are more integrated with your blog content, you can create the web page that will hold your Facebook landing tab content on your own hosting server. The page can then be displayed as the content in your iFrame. This approach gives you the most flexibility, but is also the most complicated to set up. Here are instructions of how to make this work.

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  2. I’ll admit it, I just went out there and created a fan page one day with no idea what I was doing, and it isn’t getting the number of “likes” that I had anticipated. Thanks for all the useful info! :)

  3. I have to admit I am not a very creative person and I am totally clueless about programming. However, the tips you are sharing can be really helpful. I only have a really generic looking FB page but I am hoping to slowly improve on it using some of your tips :)

  4. Been working on my FB page for a while and would love some facebook love & affirmation :)

    Can’t wait to check out all your pages – look for a “like” from Ladylike Leaders and if you like my page like me too please

  5. i did’t have a clue in how to start a facebook page,but now I do thank to you guys!!

  6. I’m still trying to figure mine out and struggling to do it. Can’t afford to hire someone and lack the knowledge to do it. Hmmm. Great info though!

  7. This is great information! I am starting the sprucing up process of my FB page so this comes at a perfect time. Thanks ladies!!

  8. Fantastic information, thanks so much for sharing it! I’m going to be liking as many of these great folks as I can :)

  9. I’ve never really utilised FB pages for my blog… I might think again! ;)

  10. thanks for reminding me that i really need to work on my FB page :P

  11. thanks so much for this!! making a landing page for my FB page has been on my to do list !

  12. This is so helpful!

  13. Well. i never realised a FB fan page could be all that.
    At the moment mine is just a place to post all my blog posts with via networked blogs, so it can direct people to my blog, which is where I want my traffic.
    I don’t really want to have to work too hard on building a FB page, but maybe I need to think about making it a little bit more exciting??

    PS you really should come by and read my latest blog tips post: PHOTO COLLAGES!!

  14. I’m still new at blogging and barely understand the whole FB and Twitter link. Thanks for the tips! I plan on reading this over and over until I understand what it means and hopefully might actually be able to implement it : )

  15. Thanks for the info!!

  16. THANK YOU! I’ve been fiddling with mine…I need to keep working on it and these tips are great! I got my Twitter page more customized, now to do FB!!

  17. wonderful information, thank you! :)

  18. Noticing a lot of pages are leaving out the : when entering the linky tool .( Just wanted to put that out there in case others don’t catch it .)

  19. And I forgot to say thanks so much for the info…gotta work on getting mine better.

  20. I goofed when entering my info…I entered my site rather than my facebook page…and can’t figure out how to remove the first. I did enter it correctly the second time. Can you remove #95 or tell me how or should I just ignore and hope everyone will forgive me (or at least be kind) and realize it was an honest mistake not trying to get two links out of this…so sorry!!

  21. I need to work on my page badly!!! I love all of these tips!!!

  22. Cool! I love Facebook as a platform, and I am surprised at how underrated it is among corporate businesses looking for bloggers. The questionnaires I’m seeing seem to put more emphasis on Twitter, which I dislike, since I don’t have unlimited texting, so don’t get tweets sent to my phone!

  23. I entered my link with an extra http: – is there anyway to edit it? I knew my page wasn’t ready for primetime yet :-) Tried re-entering but linky won’t let me

  24. This is timely as I realize changes have been made at FB again!

  25. I don’t have a Facebook Fan Page yet because I just started my blog. However I will be creating one this weekend. Thanks for all the great advice. I look forward to checking out all these great Facebook pages. Have a great weekend SITStas!!

  26. I can always count on the SITS community for sharing both personal and professional tips that we can use!! Thanks so much and keep ‘em coming!!

  27. Thanks so much for the info. I haven’t really done much with my FB page. Maybe I can spruce it up now!

  28. OK reading is fundamental! After re-reading the post, I realized I linked my blogs and not my Facebook pages!! : { aarrgh! Renee and Jen, is there a way to delete so I can repost or ?? Help, please.

  29. Thank you for the in-depth information and links, And including my favorite word DreamWeaver….HTML for dummies just like me!

    Getting this project on my To Do list.

  30. Whew my fingers hurt from “liking” so many pages! :)

    I have a landing page through pagemoda but you don’t see it unless ou click on the tab. Any ideas how to make it my actual “landing page” and the first one you see?

  31. This is AWESOME info! Thanks so much for sharing ladies!

  32. I absolutely love how fb has put a face to many businesses.
    I’d love to have a more interactive welcome page for my fan pages. I wrote my first tutorial for updating your fb vanity plates so to speak

  33. The facebook information has been great this week. I am actually working on a custom landing page right now! Thank you for giving me the motivation I needed!

  34. Thank you! I’ve added my link (hope to see you all there!) and plan on giving one of the suggested improvements a shot!

    Happy Friday!

  35. I had no clue about any of this stuff. Thanks for a really useful intro, hopefully I’ll get to fancy-up my page very soon!


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