StumbleUpon Mistakes To Avoid

We’re back today with Part 2 in our 2-part series on StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon can be tricky about what it likes and what it doesn’t like. SITStah Annie is here again to walk you through a few important StumbleUpon mistakes to avoid so that you maximize your efforts with StumbleUpon!

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StumbleUpon is a great social media platform that can bring your blog lots of page views. Just don't make these mistakes!

Don’t Use The Wrong Label, Categorize Appropriately

The easiest way to make sure a post does not gain traffic is to label it wrong when you discover it. If you are the first person to discover a post, make sure you are choosing the category that describes the post the best.  Do not label every single post as “weblog” even though the post lives on a blog.  If it is a cupcake post, put it under Food/Cooking. If it is a funny post about a baby then label it “babies.”  Make sure to categorize by topic appropriately.

Categorize by topic in stumbleupon

Don’t Stumble Giveaways, Voting Contests, or Ads

As tempting as it might be to try and get more traffic to giveaways or followers to your Facebook fan page, stumbling these things will not attract entrants or followers. StumbleUpon has policies against spamming, and stumble enthusiasts do not like self-promoting sites popping up in their stream. You will find more success if you create a post that is timeless and then link within the post to your fanpage and current giveaways.

Don’t Stumble Only Your Own Content

As I wrote on previously, you can stumble your own content, but discovering only your own posts will lead to lower traffic.  StumbleUpon doesn’t like spammers/self-promoting users. As you are reading friends’ posts or browsing sites you love, use your toolbar to discover a wide variety of new content.

Don’t Forget To Randomly Stumble

You will learn so much by clicking the “stumble” button on your toolbar and finding fun new sites. As you see new sites pop up and click the thumbs up for posts you like, once in a while click the “info” button to see how many views these sites have. Take mental, or written note, of the qualities that might make successful stumbles popular. You can learn what posts do well on stumble and use this knowledge to make your posts more successful.  Also, pay attention to the reviews on posts too to get a bit of feedback from other stumblers.

Above all, just use StumbleUpon the way it was created – a way to give and take the best of the web. You can gain some pretty fabulous traffic spikes, but you can also find some wonderful new blogs and inspiration for more posts. If you any more questions, check out my StumbleUpon eBook – it is full of info, screenshots, tips and screenshots.

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Annie Shultz blogs in Kansas at  She has 3 kids under the age of 4 and thrives on coffee and chocolate.  An extrovert and a writer, she found pure bliss in the social media-infused world of blogging. She will be speaking at Bloggy Boot Camp St. Louis in April 2012 and can’t wait to chat about ways to improve blogging.

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    I appreciated this post! I signed up for StumbleUpon awhile and still haven’t done anything with it. The toolbar seemed to slowdown my computer too uhg. But I’ve been wanting to try it out.

    Oh, and I couldn’t get the link to your previous post to work. :(

  3. says

    I signed up for StumbleUpon a while ago but I never really got the hang of things. Thanks for a really helpful list of things to know!

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    Thanks for the tips! I definitely use StumbleUpon to promote my own site, but need to get better at recommending other sites. It is absolutely a great way to find interesting reads and great articles to share. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Great tips! I get so much inspirations and ideas for my own blog stumbling others. Also it is a great idea to watch my own posts and see how many views certain ones get. Stumbleupon is a great tool and help if used properly.

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    You also have to think about what does well. For example you said to put a funny post about babies in the babies category i would put it in the ‘humor’ category and tag it with babies because humor as a whole does better than babies!

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    Every time I think I’ve mastered something, I discover how little I truly know. Thanks Annie for some wonderful tips!

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    I really enjoyed Stumbling until I started to receive TONS OF SPAM! I don’t know if you addressed this before, but I would highly warn new Stumblers to use an email address they don’t use often or just set one up for Stumble only. This is so annoying, I’ve stopped using Stumble. I even put in a different email. It’s just too late.

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      This is very true! I think creating an email address just for stumbleupon is a great idea. Or you can choose to not receive any emails at all from them. I know that sharing via the toolbar sends an email to you whenever someone shares a link. Now, sharing your posts via the toolbar can bring you traffic, so I wouldn’t shut that off completely. But if you don’t like all the emails from other members sharing their stuff with you then getting a different email address or shutting off the alerts is a great idea. Thanks for the reminder :)

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    I’m going to have to go back and read part one. Ive read many articles on StumbleUpon but I still dont fully get it.

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      My eBook is only $12 and fully explains StumbleUpon with lots of screenshots, definitions and FAQ’s answered. Let me know if you have any other questions :)

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    I’ve been using StumbleUpon for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! I think I’m a little to addicted to the Stumble button, but I love discovering new blogs and interesting content.

    The links to the first part of this series “Your StumbleUpon Questions Answered” aren’t working.