3 Easy Steps to Updating Your Twitter Header Today!

Ever wanted a fabulous and eye-catching photo in your Twitter header? Now you can! This week, Twitter rolled out a new way for users to add photos to their Twitter header profiles.

And we want to help you get started!

twitter header

New Twitter Headers

Twitter has rolled out some changes to the way it presents profiles. They are doing this to make you look good across all devices, so take advantage of it! My suggestion: get rid of the information and branding on the custom background, and move it to the header.

What You Need to Know To Customize Your Twitter Header

  • Custom header images should be sized to 1252×626, and will be resized by Twitter.
  • Your profile picture, or avatar, will be placed close to the top in the middle of your custom header, so make sure there is no important information there.
  • Your profile information, for example, your name, location, and URL, will be placed on the header under your profile image.

Check out all the details by clicking the below link.

Read the full post here: Update Your Twitter Profile Header Today!

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  1. Thanks so much for the info.! I’m bookmarking this for later. :)
    Ali @ WHOLEistically Fit recently posted..Christmas Movie At-Home Workout (Now You Don’t Have to Choose Between Buddy The Elf & Your Workout!)

  2. Usually I’m on top of this sort of thing but I guess I hit the wall on this one. It is wonderful that there are so many ways to do these things online. I use my InDesign program all the time when it comes to projects like this. Thanks for letting us know the ins and outs.
    When Pigs Fly recently posted..I’m Not Sure I’d Call It Balancing My Chi Exactly

  3. Thanks for the tips! I will be doing this ASAP :)

  4. I need to start working on mine! Adding to my to-do list!
    Mimi recently posted..DIY Apple Peanut Butter Dog Treats

  5. Thanks for this! I can’t wait to get this done for my profile!
    Barbara recently posted..Homecoming

  6. Update my Twitter header. I will add it to my to-do list. Thanks for the prompt.
    Laura @ Pruning Princesses recently posted..Pruning Princesses has moved!

  7. I just updated mine thanks to this fabulous tutorial!!!

  8. Hello ladies! Thanks for the awesome feedback! I’m glad you are all finding the tutorial useful.
    Based on your feedback I have updated the post to include information on what to do if you are having trouble designing your header.
    Elaine Griffin recently posted..Update Your Twitter Profile Header Today!

  9. So nice articles! Hopr for more socical media posts

  10. Ha! Thanks for the heads-up. I must’ve been out of touch because I had no clue Twitter had added this feature. Just did mine, and it’s super fresh! lol. The gradient they add is a little irksome, but I understand the necessity. Head over to Twitter and check me out. :)
    Kesha C. recently posted..Ultimate Mommy Confessions: How Far Is Too Far When Confessing Truths About Parenthood?

  11. Awesome! thanks…I look forward to digging in to something here!
    dez recently posted..Tubs and Robitussen – Day 99

  12. I just love the new look over at Twitter. I used Photoshop but they are other ways too. I understand PicMonkey is good and here is a link from Logallot on how to http://www.logallot.com/create-beautiful-pictures-picmonkey/
    Lisa recently posted..Twitter Profile Updates and Google Changes

  13. I am with Robin…how does one even begin to design the custom header to download to twitter? I have searched out a few sites to try and figure that out, but to no avail. Is there a program you can use? iPhoto? OR do you need to hire a graphic designer to do this for you? Any help in that direction would be greatly appreciated…
    dez recently posted..Tubs and Robitussen – Day 99

  14. Good start, but I think those of us who aren’t designers need a few more steps noted (she says after trying to do this and getting frustrated). :)
    Robin | Farewell, Stranger recently posted..Let’s Just Name Him Hector

  15. Thank you so much for this helpful article! I am definitely going to be bookmarking it so when I bite the bullet and am ready to update I will know how!
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Open Letter To Jessica Simpson…Again


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