Twitter Party Tips

By using the same hashtag on twitter during a set period of time, you can join in a twitter party, like our #SITSSharefest every Saturday morning at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT.

Some twitter parties are informative, some have prizes, and some are just for conversation. You can follow the conversation and join in by searching for the party’s hashtag or by using something like tweetgrid, which will give you a column for the party hashtag, a column for the host(s), and a column where you can see what people are tweeting to you.

Why should you join in a twitter party and how do you make the most of one?

New to Twitter parties? They really aren't as scary as you might think. This guide is perfect for everyone looking to learn all about Twitter Parties!

To meet new people on twitter

Twitter parties are a good opportunity to get to hear from people you don’t already follow.  Depending on the topic of the twitter party you are attending, you might already know that you have something in common with others there. Or maybe you’ll see a few who make you laugh or whose thoughts align with yours or who you think you’d like to hear more from. Twitter parties can move fast so it can be distracting to follow new people in the middle of a party. You can either go back through the tweets after the party is over and follow people then or you can “favorite” tweets of people you’d like to follow as you see them. Then, after the party is over, go through the tweets you favorited and follow those people.

To have new people meet you

Not only are you seeing new people on twitter by joining in a twitter party, but new people are seeing you, as well! It’s an opportunity to break out of the twitter circles you are in and get new followers. If the twitter party that you are joining in is sponsored by a brand, it can be your introduction to them and you may be able to approach them later.  RT the hosts so that those not at the twitter party but who follow you can see what you are responding to. RT others’ tweets that you find interesting or agree with. And of course, add your own unique voice to the conversation: don’t forget that it’s a conversation!

To win prizes

While not every twitter party has prizes involved, some do! Be sure to check to see if there are requirements to win. You have to RSVP for some while others choose their winners randomly from whomever is at the party.

Do you join in twitter parties? We hope to see you at an upcoming #SITSBlogging!

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    Twitter never helped me getting visitors, I guess its because I dont have much followers, I am a beginner and I write decent articles on niche but my website growth is way too slow. Please help me , any help is appreciate. Thanks.

  2. says

    I was invited to be a panelist at a twitter party and I think I did a very good job, considering I had only been to a couple. Now I look for them to attend. They are addicting once you get started. This is a great blog post!

  3. says


    I love Twitter Parties! I always learn so much from them. Just last week I was in a coffee one and learned so many new ways to make different flavors of cover. It was a very popular party and began to trend on Twitter! I can say it was rather overwhelming when everyone was active, the conversation moved so fast!

    I’ll try to stop by SITS girls twitter party this Saturday. :-)


  4. says

    Twitter parties are fun! I haven’t done one in a while though. They are always at the wrong time for me or I forget about them. I need to change that.

  5. says

    Twitter parties sound like a good way to connect with others on twitter. It sounds more conversational then blogging can be. As long as people come to your party that is. I’ll have to try one first before I host one. : )