Utilizing the New Facebook App “Pages Manager”

Along with all the Facebook changes we discussed earlier this week, Facebook has released a new App to simplify the role of a page admin.

How To Manage Your Facebook Page From Your Smart Phone

The Facebook Pages Manager App helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple pages, all in one place. You can post status updates, add photos, manage notifications and comments and view your insights.


  • You can switch Pages effortlessly, managing all of your accounts effectively in one location.
  • You are now able to post to your page AS YOUR PAGE allowing your updates to show in everyone’s news feed.


  • There is still not a way to comment on other pages from your phone as your page instead of admin name.
  • Now there are two Facebook Apps to keep up with as you have to exit out of the regular App and into the Pages App to access the features.

To get started, install Pages Manager from the App Store and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are!

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  1. This app is great. I use it all the time.
    This Busy LIfe recently posted..Minding Manners: The Thank You Note

  2. If you have an android phone, you can go to the android market and download the app “Streaming for Android” and it will give you the same capabilities as this app for the iphone. Hope this helps others!
    getfitchick recently posted..My Biggest Challenge and Practicing What I Preach

  3. Ok, i just saw the verizon network on this phone – am i missing something because mine doesn’t do any of this?
    getfitchick recently posted..My Biggest Challenge and Practicing What I Preach

  4. I love this post – i just wish they would do something like this for the Android phone!
    getfitchick recently posted..My Biggest Challenge and Practicing What I Preach

  5. Jennifer says:

    I was hoping this app would help me add photos to an already existing album on my Pages page. Does anyone know of a way to do this? When I go into the album, the + to add photos disappears :(

  6. That is the thing about blogging, there are like 50 new things to learn every day. Blogging is my suduko-crossword puzzle with comments and tweets. lol
    Pam recently posted..Veggie Boot Camp Just for Kids – Kick Off- Camp Rules

  7. Well, that’s cool!
    Susan in the Boonies recently posted.."The Talk"

  8. I hadn’t even heard of this app until reading about it here, so I’m really glad you posted this! The reviews were kind of scary, but if it makes administering my pages from my iPhone easier I’m willing to give it a shot. Thanks!
    Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com recently posted..Organize Your Car For Summer Fun

  9. Thanks – I’ve been wanting to manage FB pages from my Droid for a long time. I’ll check it out!
    Lisa recently posted..Why You Should Join Her Social Network

  10. Thanks for this! I also checked and couldn’t find this app for my Droid, but as someone mentioned above, I’m able to do a lot of things with my smartphone already. It’s hard to keep up with all of these new changes! (Hi, I’m an old-fashioned fuddy duddy). HA!
    Charlotte recently posted..pin-up photo shoot

  11. Ok, I finally set up a FB page. I am so thankful to SITS for the encouragement and tutorial! I would not have done it without you! Now, I just need to get some followers……
    Raquel recently posted..Simple Father’s Day Traditions

  12. I do love the new pages app!
    Motherhood on the Rocks recently posted..A FICKLE TODDLER AND HER LOVEY

  13. That is so cool, since I’ve finally decided to do a Facebook page for my blog. Easy management, and I can still use Hootsuite.
    Whitney recently posted..Comment on Spyware, Viruses & Pain In The…Oops by Whitney

  14. Thank you for this information. I’m going to check it out. I’ve been doing the e-mail system via that address they gave the admin. for your page, and it’s fickle. Sometimes, my photos won’t go in the newsfeeds. I know because I don’t see them.
    Leigh Powell Hines @Hinessightblog recently posted..Wednesday’s Wish We Were Here: The Homestead in Hot Springs, Va

  15. You are the Facebook QUEEN!
    Simone @Greatfun4kids recently posted..Best in Blog is Back (come Link Up)

  16. I just downloaded the app-great tips & timing!
    Dee recently posted..Life’s Rich Pageant

  17. How did I not know about this? So glad I stopped by SITS today to see this post!
    Kristi at Disney Insider Tips recently posted..FREE Father’s Day Gift “Passes” from Disney Movie Rewards

  18. Good to know!
    DaNelle recently posted..How to make a Clock out of Pallet Wood (DaNelle style)

  19. I’m not sure I see what the benefit of this app is yet. I just downloaded the app for Droid and I’m playing around with it. I’m able to do ALL of those things mentioned above with my normal Facebook app on my phone. I have no problem managing my pages. I’ll be interested to see if this app makes it any easier.
    Mimi@Irresistible Icing recently posted..An Overactive Creative Mind

    • I never able to write on my page wall AS my page before. In the regular APP if I tried I upload a picture it uploaded as “Samantha Kanatzar posted to Life As Wife’s wall” do it wouldn’t show in my Fans newsfeed.

      If you were able to figure out how to get past that in the regular app – I would love to know how you did it!
      samkanatzar recently posted..Sledding

      • From my Facebook Page, I have it checked off in my setting to Always comment and post on your page as , even when using Facebook as

        You can do this when you are logged into the computer and it should work once you are on your phone. I hope that helps!
        Mimi@Irresistible Icing recently posted..Giveaway! Shabby Apple $50 Gift Card

        • I have that setting checked and it works when I’m on my computer but never from my phone.

          I love the APP because it guarantees that I post as my page; therefore, allowing it to show in my fan’s newsfeed.
          samkanatzar recently posted..Life Lately

  20. Just to be sure that I’m downloading the right app, it’s Mobile Page Manager by Mobile Tacklebox, right?
    Sasha W recently posted..Keurig Giveaway!! Ends 6/15

    • No. It’s listed as Facebook Pages Manager in the iPhone App store. I am not sure if it’s available for Droid as I only have an iPhone but the lady below says she is using it via her Droid.
      samkanatzar recently posted..Sledding

  21. Is this only available for iPhone? I’m a Droid girl…don’t see it in the Google Play Store!!

  22. I don’t check my page on my phone. I haven’t really tried to figure out how since you can’t post with the page name anyway. I will def look into that though!
    krystle recently posted..Free Blogger Opportunity: Organize Yo’ Recipes Sign Ups

  23. Thanks for keeping us informed about handy stuff like this. Doesn’t particularly apply to me, because I don’t have a smart phone! But, it’s nice to know that if I ever upgrade to one, you’ve got my back! :)
    Jenna recently posted..The Best Way To Roast 15 Hot Dogs Over A Campfire

  24. This is a great too!
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Favorite Recipe: Hawaiian Rolls BBQ Bake

  25. Thanks for the tip. I was wondering why I couldn’t post as my page straight from my FB anymore.
    Barbara recently posted..Cutting the Cord

  26. I’ve been using this since it was first released and I just LOVE it! It really makes managing all the pages I’m an admin of a heck of a lot easier. :)
    Brittany recently posted..What to focus on: being happy.

  27. I have been using this and love it! I hope they keep adding more features. Definitely worth a try. :)
    Megan @ Coffee Cups and Crayons recently posted..Tinkerlab Creative Challenge: Flower Projects

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