Why Google Plus is Replacing Facebook

Have you been asking yourself, why Google Plus? Is Google Plus really replacing Facebook?

Well, it is the next BIG thing in social media and is growing by leaps and bounds EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know we all hate learning yet another new social media platform BUT here’s a quick rundown on how and why Google Plus is for bloggers.

why google plus

Why Google Plus for Bloggers?

Let’s face it, Facebook is no longer user and blogger friendly. It’s become a platform really focused on monetization. Paying $5 on a personal page to promote an update is nonsense. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to find updates from family and friends in chronological order.

What Google Plus offers is a host of different ways to connect with people online while increasing your SEO at the same time. Options such as circles, communities and hang outs are ways to increase your social influence online.

Check out this post to learn why Google Plus needs to be a place you spend your time and energy.

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    All platforms don’t work for every blog, for instance, I don’t see any reason to post pictures to Instagram, when it’s just as easy to post immediate pics from a mobile upload to fb or twitter, where I already have followers.

    In terms of Google + love the fact that it increases blog SEO, so I do post to G+ every time I publish a new post, but I’m having trouble with building circles and figuring out how to get readers to “follow me” on this platform.

    fb is just so comfortable to navigate and hang around in. I agree, hate not getting everyone’s feed, but it’s still the best platform, I think for quick and immediate communication & feedback. Plus, I like knowing my stats on each post.

    I’ll have to give G+ more time and effort, but right now it feels empty and unwieldy to me.

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    I’m on Google + and I really like it. It’s very transparent though – there’s no hiding behind pseudonyms.

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    I’ve really seen benefits from my google+ recently, especially when it comes to SEO. I still think that Facebook is just as important, and I don’t neglect it.

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    I’m on G+ but not using it. Guess this is motivation. I’ve noticed that my wordpress blog no longer previews an image for my posts that are fed into fb :(

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    This articles is amazing! Really liked the the great features that Goggle Plus offers. I did not know that G+ account had it where you could keep personal and business profiles separate that is sooo cool!

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    Now I’m doubly grateful that my other half of the Science of Parenthood team (Jessica) set us up on Google+ early. Now I just need to figure out how to work it. Thanks for the very timely info!!

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    I’ve been very resistant to set up an account on Google+ because it will be just one more thing for me to manage. I’m just not sure I’m ready for that.

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    Two years ago (maybe 3) it was said Google Plus would replace Facebook. Here we are in 2013 and it still has not done so. Sure Facebook has its problems but so does G+. I’m watching bloggers in my networks drool over the site and act like it’s the greatest thing since the Internet but honestly, I don’t see it.

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    I’ve been skeptical of Google+ but you’re convincing me to give it a more detailed look. Plus, you’re absolutely right about FB not being blogger friendly.

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    Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered Google+ but I do agree it appears to be the next BIG thing. I would like to understand the need for Hangout.


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    My Google rankings go skyhigh when I focus on G+. The most important aspect and critical for bloggers is Google Authorship. Make sure you take the time to set that up correctly – it’s well worth it. Again, for Google rankings. I don’t think it will “replace” Facebook but a lot of folks (myself included) like it because it’s so less “noisy” than Facebook.

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      Kristen Daukas I couldn’t say it better! You 100% right about the ranking and more then that in case you have good G+ business profile you will get a bouns to be featuring on the right side with link to your G+. I found myself try to navigate on my Facebook page and its become so hard every 3-4 post there is a suggest post by Facebook, some of them are not even relevant to me but Facebook think it does. Facebook one day changing their design the next day before you even got use to it they changing the privacy policy and the circle goes again and again.
      To sum it all – time to switch to G+ especially now with all the changing that google brings on!

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    I wish I could get everyone I know to jump ship from Facebook and join Google +. Unfortunately, few people want to get off the Facebook crack. :(

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    I finally added my Google + icon badge to my blog today, before I read this post! However, I still have a lot to learn with Google +. Thanks for the great article!

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    I’ve been putting off participating in Google+ because between blogging, Pinterest, and Facebook I didn’t really feel like I had the time for one more thing. After reading this information, I might reconsider. Thanks for sharing.

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    I should get on there more. I’m just so used to the way that Facebook is structured that I get intimidated. Time to focus on it though! Thanks for sharing!!!