Blogger to WordPress: Top 10 Most Common Mistakes

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We’re finishing up our discussion today on WordPress today with Sharon Hujik, the author behind the How to Move from Blogger to WordPress eBook.  On Monday, she helped us to understand whether it might be time to make the change for your blog.  Today, Sharon is sharing the top 10 mistakes people make when moving […]

Is It Time to Move From Blogger to WordPress?

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Over the last week in blogland, something has gone very wrong.  Our longtime friend, Blogger, has failed us.  Comments have been lost and people have been unable to access their blogs. It has all been quite chaotic.  We’re calling it the Great Blog Debacle of 2011. Lucky for us, Sharon Hujik, a self-taught computer geek […]

Truth in Blogging: Do You Blog With Integrity?


Since the early part of the millennium, professionals in the Internet community have been interested in the proliferation of lay-journalism on the Internet through personal blogging and have been concerned about the need for an ethical standard to verify identity, determine veracity, and establish general ethical rules in the online world.  While Internet use continues […]

Don’t Miss Our Lowest Prices to Seattle and Boston BBC!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the early bird catches the worm?” Well, in the case of tickets to Bloggy Boot Camp, that is definitely the case! From now until this Saturday, January 15, ticket prices for both Boston and Seattle are as low as they will possibly go. You do not want to miss […]

Content Is King: Cut To The Chase

writing tips to help your blog posts stand out

Last week we began a four week Content Is King series where we’re sharing writing tips that will help us keep the focus of blogging on our writing while learning techniques to improve it. While our first post focused on finding your voice, this post will zero in on the content you produce. Content Is […]

Content is King: How to Determine What To Blog About

content is king

Today marks the beginning of our three part writing series, Content is King.  For the next few weeks be focusing on different writing topics designed to help each of us become better writers and bloggers, such as how to become a better writer and write concisely, as well as writing fundamentals, like good grammar, proof reading, and […]

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