According to Kelly

Today’s blogger is so cute I can hardly stand it.

Plus, I’ve road-tripped with her so that make this even more special!

This is the fabulous, crafty and uber-talented Kelly of According to Kelly.

Here is what Kelly has to stay for herself.

I’m Kelly, a cherry coke drinking, crushed ice loving, world-traveling, bike riding, apron wearing, snowboarding, fabric obsessed, marathon training, Disneyland loving, sparkle skirt wearing, surprisingly shy triathlete, REAL orange county housewife & mama of 3, with ADD crafting tendencies & an MBA degree.

Mastermind behind Just Spotted, THE premiere virtual guide to living, visiting & dreaming about orange county. I blog about my real life adventures on According to Kelly, my haphazard diary of life, & you can find me on twitter at @according2kelly.

You will just love it over at her place.


You must check out the section her her blog called, “Not your Mama’s Craft Projects.”

Hot Chocolate Floats?  Yes, please.

The one where she gets honest about Postpartum Depression

She ran the Disneyland Half Marathon!

Now, leave a comment below to “roll call” and then head over to Kelly’s place and leave her some comment love!

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  1. This blogger really IS versatile! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Wow there is a Disneyland Marathon! So many things I like about that!

  3. Luella Richards says:

    Hi! Well, on blogs anyway.

  4. The pic is adorable, can’t wait to check out all the posts, especially um well…. did someone say chocolate?


  5. Just Spotted sounds like a cool project.

  6. Wow, she sounds GREAT!

    Maria xx

  7. She sounds fabulous!!!

  8. Sounds like a woman who really knows how to multi-task! Phew….

  9. Love me some hot cocoa! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week!

  10. What a cute blog! Kelly seems like such a sweetheart!

  11. She sounds so fun!

  12. She looks so interesting! :)

  13. A bit late today, but that happens when one has one too many drinky-poos the night before.

  14. Just subscribed to her site. It looks so fun!

  15. Congrats on the feature! Your blog sounds like a lot of fun, and so do you! I am headed over there now to check it out!

  16. Present.

  17. Stopping by for roll call. Have a great weekend, SITStahs! :)

  18. Nice picture!

  19. The hot chocolate float looks super tasty!

  20. Congrats on your SITS day! You & your blog sounds adorable and fabulous!

  21. looking forward to getting to know kelly

  22. I love that pic of her and that car! Adorable!

  23. Don’t worry, Caren, I’m behind, too.

    This weekend is about catching up. Well, on blogs anyway.

  24. I’m really behind! Going to go check her out.

  25. I have to agree…sounds like an interesting blog!

  26. sounds interesting… Happy Sits Day!!

  27. Super cute! Love it.

  28. I love Kelly’s picture and it sounds like she wears many hats like I do! :)

    I am new to SITS, so I’m excited to see all that goes on around here. I am looking for a more supporting blogging society than just a hey I’m following you back kind of crowd.

  29. Hi! Can’t wait to go check out the blog!

  30. Um, adorable! She looks like someone I’d love to sit down and chat with!

  31. I love craft blog

  32. Happy Friday! What an interesting blogger!

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