Eat. Live. Laugh. {and sometimes shop!}

I’ll never forget meeting today’s featured blogger. She was at Bloggy Boot Camp Austin, wearing a fabulous dress that I was insanely jealous of.  When I want a little girl time, I go see Amy from Eat.Live.Laugh.{and sometimes shop!}


Here’s how Amy describes her blog:

I think of my blog as chatting with or getting together with my best girlfriends. Sometimes we talk about meals and share recipes. Sometimes we talk about motherhood and our daily lives. Sometimes we share a joke or funny story about our kids. And sometimes, well, sometimes we just get together to shop!  Whatever we do, we always leave smiling.

Now some of the must-read posts at Amy’s blog are:

Eat – Vegetable – Beef Soup. {perfect for this chilly fall weather!}
Live – Well, it’s inevitable — I’m getting old. {Yes, me too.}
Laugh – Fairies cannot be real. {If you have a daughter, you’ll appreciate this one.}

What’s next, you ask?

Leave a short comment here for Roll Call, and then head over to Amy’s blog to help her celebrate her day!

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    I like that you think about blogging like chatting with friends. I have a similar take on it except mine is more along the lines of “group therapy” 😉