The Divine Miss Mommy

Say hi to our featured blogger today. You probably already know her. She has a massive social media following and is a self-professed tech geek. Welcome Stacie from The Divine Miss Mommy!

Here’s a little about Stacie:

The Divine Miss Mommy, named by my daughter who was four at the the time, is about living the good life. I also blog about lifestyle and travel plus I review products as well. Blogging has opened up a lot of opportunities for me including social media consulting and writing for other sites. It has been really amazing to be part of the blogging community since starting my blog in 2009.

Some of Stacie’s favorite posts include:

The Orange Shoes is a reflection on a moment in her childhood and how it’s come full circle with her own child.

Celebrating a new lease on life in Happy Heart Day.

Kidnapped and Robbed at Gunpoint in Nassau, Bahamas – Thank you very much! is a very scary tale!

Check in with a comment, then head over to The Divine Miss Mommy for even more of Stacie!

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  1. Hi, new blogger friend!

  2. How exciting! Congrats!

  3. Happy Belated SITS day!

  4. Rosesdaughter says:

    Happy Belated SITS day!!!

  5. Happy SITS day!

  6. Happy SITS day! I wonder what happened in your scary tale of being kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint. wahhh!

  7. Adorable site! Can’t wait to follow!

  8. Happy SITS Day!

  9. You never know what a 4 yr old will say! Happy SITS Day!

  10. Ha! Love the name of this blog. Maybe I can get her four year old to name my next endeavor. lol

  11. I don’t think I actually do know the Divine Miss Mommy!

  12. Happy SITS day! Going over to check out your blog!

  13. Holy smokes, I just read kidnapped and robbed!!!! That is super scary :( Glad to have found your blog!!!

  14. I love the story of her blog name–how cute!

  15. Awesome awesome! Happy Sits day to you! I have a valentine’s hairdo contest going on! Go check it out and have a great day!

  16. Lifestyle and travel, ehhhh?

    I look forward to future reads.

    Happy SITS Day!

  17. Happy Sits Day! Heading over now!

  18. Shannon from 'mynewfavoriteday' says:

    Happy SITS day! Popping over now to check out your blog!

  19. Happy Wednesday! Off to check out the FB.

  20. Happy Hump Day!

  21. Hi Stacie! Enjoy all the love that’s coming your way! :D

  22. Happy SITS day! Heading over now to check out your “divine”ness. :)

  23. Hope I’m not too late to check in today!

    P.S. I’m running my first giveaway of 2012! Come check it out!

  24. Can’t wait to read!

  25. Happy SITS day! I can’t wait to dig into your blog more!!

  26. OH can’t wait to read more! Hoping over now.

  27. Yikes…kidnapped and robbed?! I’m heading over!

  28. Imagine what life would be like if 4-year olds named everything.

  29. happy SITS day!

  30. Happy SITS Day!

  31. Oh, for my boys to call me, “The Divine Miss Mommy” – where did I go wrong?!

  32. Loved the orange shoes! I love that my kids are so independent and individual. I never was at their age. I also wore glasses, braces and was totally goofy. Still am (goofy, that is), but now I love being different.

  33. Here!

  34. Good morning, SITStahs! Hope your week is going better than mine!

  35. Oh, Mommy, you are so Divine!

  36. I’ve never heard of her before, but I’m excited to check out her blog! It sounds great.

  37. Happy SITS Day!

  38. Happy SITS Day!!!

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