How To Be A Vlogging Superstar

My love affair with the blogosphere started years ago.  I was deeply in love in the beginning, but like all great infatuations, things cooled down over time.  My brilliant post ideas did not come as fast and furious.  I was faced with the challenge of figuring out how to continue to discuss topics that mattered to me, while still capturing my readers’ interest.

Lucky for me, I discovered vlogging.

Video blogging (aka vlogging) is pretty much like Internet TV.  Bloggers can film themselves on video, upload the clip to a host site like YouTube, and then embed a link (or HTML code) on their blog to share with the world.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

And it is.  You just need to know how to get started.

how to become a vlogger

How to Vlog

Bloggy Boot Camp routinely features speakers who share their tips and secrets when it comes to vlogging.  For today’s post, we’ve compiled their best advice below…

10.  Get Vlog Savvy

Before you get started, take some time to check out what vloggers are doing.  Learn what type of equipment they are using, how they are framing their pictures, and how they are connecting with their audience.  Mimic what you like and feels most comfortable to you.

9.  Prepare

Spend some time thinking about what you want to say before you turn on the camera.  Maybe even prepare a few notes or an outline that you can refer to during filming.

8.  Avoid an Earthquake with Your Camera

Rather than trying to film yourself while holding your camera, invest in a tripod.  Doing so will prevent your audience from getting dizzy from strange camera angles.  A tripod doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can pick one up at Target or Walmart for between $10 and $20.

7.  Be Yourself

Remember that your viewers are watching because they already like your blog.  Keeping this in mind will help you to create an engaging vlog and avoid becoming a robot behind the camera.  Relax, smile and talk about what you know.

6.  Ask a Question

Similar to a blog post, the intent behind a vlog is to engage your audience.  You can accomplish this by asking your viewers their opinion on a topic or maybe a question for an upcoming video.

5.  Get Off the Couch

Keep your audience interested by getting creative with where you film your vlog.  Go outside, head to a coffee shop, or close yourself off in your laundry room or bathroom.

4.  Stay Focused

Say what it is you have to say and then stop filming.  People have an incredibly short attention span.  The second you find yourself starting to ramble, end the clip.  A great vlog is usually only a couple of minutes long.

3.  Build a Vlogging Community

Similar to the way you connect with fellow bloggers on your blog, connect with fellow vloggers.  You can do this by commenting on vlogs that address similar topics to yours, subscribing to YouTube channels, and inviting vloggers to watch your content.

2.  Create Your Own Video Channel

Set up a video channel on YouTube and add tags to your videos.  This will make your vlogs infinitely easier to find.

1.  Just Do It

Don’t over think this!  You will learn and improve as you go.  Taking the first step can be nerve-racking, but what do you have to lose?  The more vlogs you create, the more comfortable you will become in front of the camera.

How To Become a Vlogger

In August 2010, Jessica Bern joined us at Bloggy Boot Camp in San Francisco to give her take on vlogging.  Here is a fun clip on what she has to say when it comes to how NOT to vlog.  Enjoy!

More On Vlogging

If you’re looking for more great info on how to vlog, then be sure you do not miss our 5 Essential Elements to a Great Vlog post!

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  1. says

    Thanks for great tips. Right now anyone can be a vlogger.
    No video production knowledge required.
    Checkout – videoprods (dot) com
    Yes, It’s 100% FREE.

  2. says

    This is a great post. But, do you have any advice for those of us who are terrified of being on camera AKA Me :( I know I need to start vlogging to get my blog to the next level but every time there is a camera pointed at me I freeze. Help!

  3. says

    Vlogging is all I do. I was born and raised in the Netherlands so writing in English??? Not so much, yes I do have an accent but it is much easier for me to Vlog.
    My latest vlog is one of my biggest Vlog, A huge contest to win a trip to St. Lucia! YES so go check it out.
    Good Luck.

    PS: Love your tips! One extra advice for some other newbies like myself..Turn of the sound when editing!

  4. Rachel says

    Vlogging may be a good idea for my particular niche, I know that listening to podcasts in my “genre” is booooooooooooring.

  5. Tyesha says

    Thanks for posting this. I am a new blogger and I would actually love to start vlogging. I don’t know what I am waitng on. I keep making up all types of exscuses. I think I am just afraid of how I may sound in front of the camera and afraid of messing up. I do believe that vlogging is a good way to bring more traffic to your blog and a way for your readers to know you better. So I will keep all these great tips in mind as I get started on my journey to become a vlogger.

  6. says

    I’m both intrigued and intimidated of vlogging all at the same time. The best I can do is put it on my to-do list!

  7. says

    I like vlogging because it helps the readers to really see who is behind the blog and your personality comes through. I found that demonstrations made good videos. Like the tripod idea–I had a lot of problems with keeping the camera straight when doing my “How To Post An Amazon Review.”
    .-= Karen & Gerard Zemek´s last post: Cereal on Ice Cream? =-.

  8. Jaime-Ann says

    This is the first time I have checked out your blog/vlog and I think I just fell in love. Well – you know what I mean, right? Anyway, super funny and I can’t wait for your next ‘installation’ in your vlogging posts. One day I will figure out a way to incorporate a vlog into my ‘still wet behind the ears’ site.

  9. says

    Happy Father’s Day! We travelled from Colorado Springs to Flagstaff today and we are in a hotel tonight! Wish us luck before we get to Grandma’s house tomorrow!
    .-= Kristy´s last post: Carpe Diem! =-.

  10. says

    I like the anonymity of blogging, so I don’t think I’ll become a vlogger, but it is very interesting! Happy vlogging and blogging!

  11. says

    Oh,Jessica Bern. Jessica Bern.

    I just want to hurry up live, die, and come back as Jessica Bern.

    I do think I am her biggest fan and will do whatever she says. Whatever.

    Great to see this up here!!!!!!!!!

    And I do want to vlog, I really do.

  12. says

    Xce!!ent post as ususal!
    I think those who have no interest in Vlogging probably have never done it. Once we do it, it’s no turning back!

    I’m wundering if some pt/shoot cameras can also do Video?

  13. says

    Not ready for vlogging here. When you have twin babies and a full-time job, “haggard” is what comes to mind when thinking of myself. I don’t want to subject the internet to that. You’re welcome :)
    .-= Erica´s last post: …And There’s Another One =-.