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How to Save During the Holiday Season with The Millennial Housewife

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Staying on a budget is hard, especially during the holidays. Lucky for us, our featured blogger today is Sara from The Millennial Housewife. She is giving us the inside track on how to save money during the holidays this year. With just a few of Sara’s tips, you can begin your holiday season right!


Up until recently, my family would find ourselves starting off the holiday season with no budget and no idea what we were going to do. Trying to finance Christmas was taking all of the joy out of celebrating. After I quit my job to stay at home with the kids, money got even tighter.

You may be thinking that it isn’t feasible to have a frugal holiday season. However, it is possible – and I have listed a few tips to help get you started…

Tip # 1: Start Buying Groceries Early

This tip is especially important if you are typically the holiday host. I start out before Christmas by using coupons and becoming more organized when it came to grocery shopping. By following a few simple tips, I start saving on groceries immediately.

I highly recommend that you make rough draft of your holiday menu and start watching your store ads for sales. Buying a turkey at Thanksgiving time is going to be more expensive than buying a turkey now. You’ll also find that by stockpiling items, such as paper plates, napkins, and other paper goods, you can ensure you always have plenty on hand while hosting.

Tip # 2: Shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday

If you have already made your gift list and been watching prices, you will be able to determine whether the Black Friday or Cyber Monday prices are truly a great deal. Most of the time, stores have killer deals on the hot items of the season.

Tip # 3: Get Crafty

Another way to save on your holiday spending is to make homemade gifts. This idea really works for those of you who are crafty. It’s also a great way to get your kids into the holiday spirit. They will have so much fun giving their gifts to the intended recipient if they made them on their own!

I, for one, am not that crafty and my homemade projects never seem to turn out well. I have a friend who is good at making wreaths, so I intend on buying a couple from her as gifts this year.

My best piece of advice to everyone is to relax and enjoy the holiday. Focus on family fun and making memories with your relatives. We had a painful reminder last Christmas of how short our time is here on this Earth. You may not remember in 10 years what you received for Christmas, but I am sure you will remember spending that time with your family.

For more money saving tips this holiday season, as well as other bloggy goodness, be sure to check out Sara at The Millennial Housewife!


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