How To Have A Great Holiday Hairstyle

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We’re back today with another post in our holiday party look series! Monday, Natalia showed you how to wear lipstick in a bold and beautiful way. Now, she’ll share some great party hairstyles!

Now I don’t know about you ladies, but I am a mother of two boys. Two very active boys. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my hair. So I am constantly looking for shortcuts or easy ‘dos that make it look like I was in the bathroom for hours.

Holiday Hair Repertoire

Try Some Braids

Side braids, braided buns, fishtails, there are really so many options. The great thing about braids is that you can dress them up or dress them down to match the type of event you are attending. Here are some examples of braided dos I have done before.

Holiday Hairstyles

Go sleek and classy

Bust out the straightener! For this particular look, make sure you hair is well conditioned and looks healthy. It will defeat the purpose (the purpose being looking fabulous) if you hair is dried out and stringy. If you have this type of hair, maybe try a deep conditioner a day or two before the event. You could also add some clip in extensions for more volume.

Holiday Hairstyles


You can buy this nifty little sponge that goes in your hair to create the perfect bun. It takes less than 5 minutes (remember the shortcuts?). Wear it up high with some cat eyes and bold lips and you will be instantly fabulous. Or you can wear it down low and to the side for a more casual, classy look. Buns are easy even without the nifty sponge thing – tease a bit, twist! Voila!

Holiday Hairstyles

Perfect the messy bun

There is an art here, ladies, to the messy bun. It can be done fast, but you might want to put in a little more effort than just tossing it up on your head. Try sectioning your hair into three or four sections closer to your neck and twist them individually. Then make sure they are just connected with bobby pins in the finished products. Best part about the messy bun? It doesn’t have to look perfect!

Big sexy curls

This one might be my favorite because I may or may not love big hair. You can do this several ways, depending on your hair type.

  • Sleep with your hair in little buns all over your head. Take them out in the morning for some luscious waves.
  • Put in hot rollers, allow them to set until cool, spray with hairspray, then remove. Tease the top, and hairspray some more for some big bouncy curls.
  • You may be young and single and have more time (or your kids are really well behaved) and want to curl with a curling iron. Although I love the outcome, I am neither of the above so this doesn’t happen much for me. Curl sections of hair individually and let them set. Leave the curls untouched until they have completely cooled. The runs your fingers through them to loosen them up, tease a little at the top, spray, flip your head over and spray some more!

Holiday Hairstyles

I have put together some simple hairstyles you should try this holiday season. Keep in mind, the number one most important thing to wearing these styles is confidence!! Rock it, own it, work it, ladies!

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