Invisalign: Does it hurt?

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“Does it hurt?”

This is question I hear often as a member of Invisalign’s Mom Advisory Board.

Those of us that grew up with traditional wire and brackets as our only teeth-straightening option automatically associate pain with our experience. The tightening, the scraping, the overall discomfort.

Since my son began his complimentary treatment with Invisalign, he has experienced very little discomfort. Now, I understand its different for everyone, but for him, the new trays every two weeks don’t seem to bother him much at all. He says they feel “tight”, but has never asked for any pain reliever or complained of discomfort.

And, pain from those prodding wires I grew up with? He knows nothing of it. Lucky kid.

As you’ve heard me mention before, the driving force behind our decision to use Invisalign’s technology for my son’s orthodontic needs was baseball {really sports in general}, wanting to avoid injury that can occur when sports go wrong and you have a mouth full of metal.

If you have a tween/teen who is at that time for the teeth-straitening rite of passage, I encourage you to check out Invisalign. Here are some great questions to ask your ortho when make a decision: Invisalign Questions for Ortho

Here is a great video from the point of view of a teen.

And, in the event you are feeling lucky, enter to win Invisalign!

A few things to consider:

Smile Assessment. Find out if you or your teen is a candidate for Invisalign treatment.

Find an Invisalign provider in your area. Our Temecula Orthodontist actually specializes in Invisalign Teen, and after being told by our general dentist my son wasn’t a candidate, we are so glad we got a second opinion.

Great info on How Invisalign Works

Check with your insurance! In most cases, if braces are covered by insurance, so is Invisalign.

Fan them on Facebook. They have an active community and this page is a great resource.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. My son is receiving complimentary treatment from Invisalign, but all opinions expressed are my own. http://shout.lt/ggGP

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  • Christine says:

    Both of my children went the Invisalign route to straighten their teeth, and neither one of them experienced pain other than a little tightness when starting a new tray. Having had traditional braces myself, I recall being in much more pain each month when my braces were tightened. I think because the trays are changed every two weeks with Invisalign that the tightness is reduced, due to a more gradual movement of the teeth, unlike the oral shock of the monthly tightening of wire braces. Additionally, there are added bonuses of choosing Invisalign being that you can remove them for sports, while eating, or for class pictures! Overall my kids had a positive experience using Invisalign.

  • Tammy Soong says:

    My husband did invisalign. As an adult I think he has more tolerance for pain and annoyance (maybe not for some people) but he did pretty well. Same thoughts on the tightness. I suppose in the worst of situations, the benefit is that you can always take the new one out and go back to the previous. So at least you feel like you aren’t stuck.

    And do we even need to talk about the cleaning?