Does Invisalign Work?

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Since beginning my work with Invisalign’s Mom Advisory Board and starting my son’s complimentary treatment over a year ago, I have been asked over and over again, “Does Invisalign really work?”. For my son, the answer is a resounding, “YES!”.

Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional wire and brackets for straightening teeth. He loves that the aligners are virtually invisible, which means there is less social awkwardness to impact his confidence and self-esteem during an already vulnerable time. Plus, we don’t worry about emergency ortho visits for broken wires and brackets and love that we need fewer appointments since several aligner sets are provided in advance. 

And, since I am slightly obsessed with infographics, here is one that breaks down how Invisalign works:


There are a number of myths and misconceptions about Invisalign that I’d like to set straight. {See how I did that? “Set Straight?” hahhahaha!}

{This is such a myth.}

One of the biggest myths I hear is that Invisalign is significantly more expensive then braces. Not true. In fact, the cost of Invisalign is usually comparable to the cost of traditional braces and many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign just as they would braces, and 
Flexible Spending Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) can be used for Invisalign, making money go farther with pre-tax dollars.

Another myth out there is that Invisalign can only treat minor orthodontic issues. No ma’am. Invisalign technology is cutting edge and can effectively treats a wide variety of orthodontic issues including severe bite issues. From underbite to crossbite, deepbite to overbite and overly crowded to widely spaced, advancements to Invisalign’s patented technology continues to increase the complexity of issues that can be treated. {I’ve seen before and after photos of some complex cases, all I can say is WOW.}

And, probably the biggest myth and question I get asked most often: “My teen will lose them, right?”

Trust me. This was my biggest concern. He hasn’t lost one. Ever. And, if your kiddo does misplace a set, Invisalign Teen comes with six {yes, I said SIX} replacement aligners!

A few things to consider:

Smile Assessment. Find out if you or your teen is a candidate for Invisalign treatment.

Find an Invisalign provider in your area. Our Temecula Orthodontist actually specializes in Invisalign Teen, and after being told by our general dentist my son wasn’t a candidate, we are so glad we got a second opinion.

Great info on How Invisalign Works

Check with your insurance! In most cases, if braces are covered by insurance, so is Invisalign.

Fan them on Facebook. They have an active community and this page is a great resource.

I had braces for 16 months in high school. Sadly, I don’t have a single picture with a full smile. I’m thrilled my son is all smiles since receiving his first set of aligners!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. My son is receiving complimentary treatment from Invisalign, but all opinions expressed are my own. http://shout.lt/ggGP

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  • Shapna says:

    When compared to traditional metal braces, Invisalign has been always a safer choice for solving all kinds of minor and major teeth issues in a short time period.

  • Gary Kerr says:

    Nice article and very useful. Thanking you so much for such a clear and thorough explanation of the invisalign process. I would definitely recommend for anyone.

  • GlamistaHome says:

    Thank you for sharing this post with us. I am currently using invisalign and must say that I absolutely prefer this over traditional braces, most of all you don’t see the braces and you don’t have to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist every month. The follow up check ups are quarterly. I am looking forward to seeing the final results. I already have seen changes in the three months I have been in treatment.

  • I wish I had done invisalign. I had normal braces while in nursing school, and I’m sure half my patients didn’t take me seriously because it made me look like a 12 year old.

  • Interesting. Will reread this tomorrow.

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  • Cresta says:

    Invisalign is one of the very best choices for all age group people around the world. The main advantage of Invisalign aligners is that, it never shows pain or irritation of the mouth like traditional metal braces.

  • My dentist recommended I try Invisalign. I haven’t done it yet, but hopefully in the future. Nice infographic.