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What To Pack For A Blog Conference

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One of the most exciting adventures you can get into in the world of blogging is to take the opportunity to meet your online friends in real life. The best place to do something like that is to head to a blog conference.

They’re loads of fun, extremely informative and just an all-around incredible experience.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re going to be pacing the floors as you try to pack everything into your little suitcase. Because, well, it should be little, right? You’re only going away for a few days – what do you actually need to pack for a blog conference?

pack for blog conference

What To Pack For A Blog Conference

I’m going to start with some really important items. You could forget almost everything else and buy it wherever you’re headed. Except for these items.

Blogger Business Cards

You need to have business cards. You need to have them to give other bloggers, and you definitely need to have them to give to brand representatives.

It may seem really weird, especially if this is your first conference. You might think you’re just a blogger and do bloggers really have business cards? They’re not like business people – are they?

Yes. They absolutely are. YOU absolutely are.

So be sure you get some. I don’t care exactly how many you bring with you – but take a look at the number of people attending the conference and figure at least half that plus one or two for each sponsor attending. And up that number if you need to. You’ll be happy to have extras on-hand.

I’ve gone to events and conferences where I gave out less than expected, but I’ve been fortunate enough to never run out. I’ve had bloggers say that to me. And I’ll be honest, unless I knew them beforehand? I probably don’t remember who they were.

We’ve got some great business card tips for you, ranging from what you need on your cards, to the best way to manage the cards of the bloggers and brands you meet.

Media Kit

Along with your cards you might consider bringing some copies of your media kit with you to give to the sponsors that you meet. They’re certainly not required, but you’ll come across as well prepared should you have one! Don’t have one? Don’t worry.

We have all the information you need on what should be included in your media kits, and we follow that up with a straightforward tutorial on how to create your own media kit using PicMonkey. And if you can’t get one done in time, it’s fine. Just bookmark these pages for future reference, because eventually you’re going to want to make one.

What to Wear

Let’s talk clothes. You can’t go to a blog conference without bringing clothes. We know you’re excited to be away from home and out on the town. You’re ready to dazzle! You might even wear some funky jewelry and a pair of heels. And that’s great. But please, please, don’t forget about being comfortable.

There are three C’s to conference attire, and to me, comfy is the most important one. Cute and casual are the other two, and I would say they’re a given. You know you want to look cute. You want to look professional enough, so that you feel somewhat on the ball. But don’t forget to dress comfortably. If you don’t wear heels regularly, your feet might be aching by the end of the day.

And if your feet hurt, you know the rest of you is going to hurt, too. Your blogging friends don’t want you to be uncomfortable. And they want to see you for who you are. So pull out that favorite sweater (and yes, even if it’s 100 degrees wherever you’re headed, bring a sweater. Conference rooms can be chilly!), and a comfy pair of flats, and bring them along. You’ll be much more relaxed when you’re dressed as yourself. And the people you meet will be, too.

Electronic Essentials

You want to be sure to bring all of your chargers for all of your electronic devices. It sounds obvious, but remember how many you’re packing and take note. You are probably going to want to add a power strip to that list. A power strip will not only ensure that you AND your roommates can charge your devices overnight, but will guarantee you make some friends during the sessions. Everyone wants to sit next to the girl with the juice! Many a friendship has been made over shared outlets. Your power strip will save you, and your new friends.

Check out our Packing List Essentials for a few other critical items you won’t want to forget.blo

Most important: Engagement

Now, you’re all packed. You’ve got your preferable method of note-taking (electronic? pen and paper? whatever you’re most comfortable with!) at the ready, and you’re feeling bright-eyed and ready to learn. Toss a few extra snacks, a bottle of water and some mints or gum into your bag. Sessions can be intense, and you might need a little power snack to keep you focused. Bring extra so you can share – it’s a great way to make new friends.

And most importantly? Bring a great attitude. Be ready to learn. Act like a sponge, and take it all in. Don’t rule anyone out. The blogger next to you whom you’ve never heard of? Might be the connection you need to figure out where you’re headed on this journey.

Even better? You might become fast friends. Don’t be shy. Use social media to your advantage. Tweet at your fellow attendees. Find out who is sitting at the table behind you. Connect. Learn. Grow. And have a great time.

Your Turn

Did we miss anything? What packing tips do you have for someone attending a blog conference?

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  • I can’t wait for Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta!! These are such great tips. Definitely bookmarking all of the links here!

  • Diane says:

    Great ideas – I’d also recommend a lightweight tote, so that you can lug all your gear around!

    I can’t wait for my next conference, in only a month!

  • Great post! It complements my post on preparing the right wear for travel (http://firsttimetravels.com/prepare-the-right-wear-for-travel/). Thanks for the tips and the useful information.

  • melody says:

    Thanks for these tips! I will be attending my first blog conference next week in Anaheim and I am very excited. I just started packing today so this list definitely helps a lot! Maybe I will catch you there 🙂

  • Laina Turner says:

    Just bought tickets for boot camp in Philly! SO excited.

  • Good advice! How many followers via media/traffic should one attain before attending a conference? At this point we’re still in the red on our blog and hate to spend more. We’re hoping to catch a conference next year when we can tag along a family vacation and make it dual purpose.

  • NJ Rongner says:

    I loved having a separate coin purse type wallet to put the business cards I was handed in. There is nothing worse than emptying your bag at the end of the night and seeing one billion cards come out with it.

  • Esther says:

    It’s the question I’ve heard soooo many times! Great & useful article. Thanks!

  • Great post!! Can’t wait to go to my first conference in October!! 🙂

  • Cyndee says:

    I’m preparing to go to my first conference in October. These tips are going to come in handy! Thanks so much!

    Never would have thought about the power strip!

  • I have a special travel power strip that I always have in my carry on. That way when I’m in the airport, I can use one power outlet to charge several devices and maybe help out a few other people, too.

    Another thing to carry with you is ibuprophen! Maybe you didn’t get your caffeine fix, you’re dehydrated, had a few too many mojitos, or didn’t get enough sleep, but popping a few Advil – and bringing some extra to share – is always a good thing.

    A little notebook and a few pens (make sure they’re the kind that don’t explode in the airplane) for us analog types who have problems listening and typing at the same time. (Frankly, if I have my laptop open, I’m too distracted by Facebook or email to give the speaker my full attention.) Use those pens to take notes on the back of biz cards how you met that person or how you should follow up with them!

  • Allison B says:

    Great list! I was so happy I dressed in layers when I went to my first conference. I also brought a bag that help my sweater when I didn’t need it.

  • Amber says:

    Loved the power strip idea! I’m attending my first blogger conference this November and I’m so excited I can barely stand it!

  • Solange says:

    Great post! Love the tips, can’t wait to attend my first conference! How much time do you think a blogger should wait after starting a blog to attend a conference? Does it matter?

    • It really doesn’t matter, in my opinion. If you’re ready to network and learn, it’s a fantastic experience. If you’re looking to connect with brands it might be a little bit harder if you don’t have a lot to show them, but some reps are really willing to work with you regardless. Good luck!

  • Gary Kerr says:

    Excellent post! It is enormously helpful and thorough. So, its tips very beneficial for me as i get ready for my first blog conference.Thanking you for a reliable packing tips for this type of event.

  • Un discours de mariage rédigé en bon français, foncez!

  • Clotilde says:

    Great tips, wish I could attend a conference, not possible now.

  • Bethany says:

    I am so excited to attend the BBC in Atlanta ! Great tips to keep in mind while packing. Thanks!

  • Eva says:

    You made me want to go to one! I just started blogging so it may take some time for me to go. I agree with Charlotte, the power strip is a great idea. I read about it the other day in a traveler’s blog. He used it at the airport and ended up making friends with several people.

  • Can’t wait to go to a blog conference one day!

  • MaDonna says:

    I just wanna go to one!!

  • Charlotte says:

    What a great idea about the power strip–I never would have thought about that, though it seems so obvious. And yes to flats. Spending a day in heels is never advisable 🙂 Thanks for a grew list; hope one day to make it to my first blog conference!