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Advice on How to Get Published from Scary Mommy

By Jul 2, 201232 Comments

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Interested in turning your blog into a book and getting published, but not sure where to start? Then you’ll definitely want to read the below guest post. Jill Smokler from ScaryMommy.com, a New York Times best-selling author and rockstar blogger, is here today to talk about her new eBook: Everything I Learned About Writing a Book {The Hard Way}.

It is an insider’s look on how to be published.

I spent much of the spring on a book tour promoting my fourth baby, Confessions of a Scary Mommy. One of my favorite parts of the book tour was the Q&A session I held after each reading. The questions varied from state to state but there were always the same themes: Blogging, Parenting and Writing a Book. Makes sense.

At one of the stops, someone asked me if I’d made any blogging mistakes I regretted. I was caught of guard by the question and made up something about learning from everything I’d done along the way. True, I guess, but after thinking about it more, the boatload of mistakes I’ve made came flooding back.

Mistakes like posting excessively. Back when I was a new blogger, I felt pressure to post constantly. Not pressure from readers, since I hardly had any, but pressure from myself. I would actually write an apology post if I couldn’t come up with a real post to write. Did I really think anyone cared all that much if I went a few days without posting? I’m embarrassed to say that I did.

And, how about begging for votes? I was shameless. Every week, some blogger is named best at something and, of course, I wanted to be the best. I’ve learned now that any award that requires you to ask for votes isn’t one worth winning. Dirty little secret: Every blogging award and blogging list is simply a way for the host site to get as many people linking into them as possible. But, I’m embarrassed of how long it took me to grasp that.

Perhaps my biggest mistake was thinking everything is permanent. There’s always talk about the internet being FOREVER. “Be careful what you say about your kids, once you write it, it’s out there forever.” That’s crap. I constantly go through my posts and clean them up. Unless someone is constantly taking screen shots of everything you’ve even written, you can delete a post and nobody will be the wiser in a few years or months. Kind of comforting when I think back to some of my early posts.

I’d like to say that I don’t continue to make mistakes, but I do. I never have any sort of editorial calendar and still get caught up comparing myself to others, but I do know a lot more than I knew four and a half years ago.

The book writing process has been just as educational. I made a million mistakes and, if I had it to do over, would do things entirely differently. Do you dream of writing a book? Think your blog could translate to hardcover? Well, I have some things to teach you.

How Do You Get Published?

I would never claim to know everything about the book writing and publishing world, but I do know a million things I wish I’d known a year ago. Things that could really help you on your book writing path. Or, you could just go slightly insane and barely survive the process. If I were you, I’d buy the book.

how to be published

It is an absolute steal at only $4.99.

Why make any more mistakes than you have to? Head over and download the eBook now!

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