A Few Sprinkles Short of a Sundae

By Jul 3, 2012 104 Comments

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Who cares about the summer heat when you’ve got ice cream? Today’s featured blogger has a name that has us craving a sundae!  Between writing, photography, motherhood- with one on the way!- we’re thinking Allison deserves her sundae, right down to the cherry on top.

I’m a mom both by biology and by adoption, expecting ice-cream stealer #3 in September. I blog about what I know and love – Life. Life as a mom, a wife, a Christian, a success, and failure. I’m an aspiring fiction novelist who loves to write, be with family, and hide the cookies-n-cream until the kids are in bed. This is my blog!

Allison’s three top posts include:

Doesn’t this sound like a must-read? Don’t miss her blog, A Few Sprinkles Short of a Sundae, and be sure to show her some comment love!

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