I Know How Is Babby Formed

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Good day to you, SITStahs. Today’s featured blogger writes openly about motherhood with no topic left uncovered. She writes about life after a miscarriage, crafts, moms and careers, and a whole bunch more. Welcome Christa from I Know How Is Babby Formed.

I Know How Is Babby Formed

Let’s meet Christa up close and personal!

 I’m Christa, aka the BabbyMama. I have one daughter, and hope for more someday; I have five cats, but hope for less someday; and I have one husband, which seems like just the right number. I talk about miscarriage unapologetically because, darn it, someone has to! I talk about crafts and being a mom and life, too. I used to season it all with snark, but nowadays I’m trying to be nice. To sum up, I KNOW HOW IS BABBY FORMED is all about me – doesn’t that sound selfish? But where else does a wage slave working mama get to have total unequivocal “me time,” anyway? Enjoy, say hi, and let’s be friends!

I Know How Is Babby Formed

A very funny look at the question of Men In The Delivery Room.

The Short Non Existence of Baby C discusses a vanished triplet and her reaction.

Christa looks at whether all mothers should be called “working mothers” in Calling All Moms “Working Moms”.

Now leave a quick comment here, then scurry off to Christa’s blog to give her some love on her big day!

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