Lamb Around: Life With My Sexy Nerd

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Danielle from Lamb Around is an Albuquerque resident with an engineer husband. She writes about their life and times and she’s today’s featured blogger!

Lamb Around

Here’s a bit about Danielle:

Not quite a domestic goddess, I’ve been known to place shirts into the washing machine one color and have them come out another (unexpected bonus? Sexy Nerd never asks me to do his laundry!)

I’m addicted to blogging. He’s addicted to Nascar. Did you know there’s a race where the driver’s wife sits behind the wheel while the pit crew pushes the car? Really. Sexy Nerd can watch this all day.

This is exactly why I blog.

Lamb Around

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Now check in here for Roll Call and head back over to Lamb Around for more of Danielle!

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