Aunt Crazy’s Here Y’all

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Aunt Crazy

Aunt Crazy is the tell it like it is, no hold bar, mother of two teens…and she’s here y’all! Let’s learn more!

I love the title of your blog, what was the defining moment that made you the “crazy aunt”?
I became the crazy aunt when one of my nephews tried to say Christy and it sounded just like CRAZY. Uncle Bubba thought it meant I really am crazy because he claims that toddlers just can’t lie and Aunt Crazy I became. Of course that nephew is the ONLY one who calls me Christy now and everyone else, including my grown nieces and nephews, calls me Aunt Crazy and I love it!

What can readers expect to find when visiting your blog for the first time?
Mostly some crazy ramblings about my life. Sometimes I blog about everything and sometimes I blog about nothing. Some of my better posts are from the beginning of my blog when I did not have a following. This blog is to help ME remember stuff cuz I seem to forget everything and if other people can laugh or cry with me, then that makes me smile a little. I’ve been saying I’m the youngest person in the universe with Old-timers since I was about 25 and I’m creeping up on 37 now, so I’m even more forgetful.

Aunt Crazy

Do your kids read your blog? How do they feel about it?
They do not read my blog, but they know I blog and it’s quickly becoming a habit for me to say, “I’m so blogging that.” I don’t think they mind but they haven’t read it yet either.

There are MANY parenting blogs for mothers of small children, what advice can you give them about raising teenagers? (In other words, HELP!)
For me, honesty and openness works. My kids are strong-willed, independent, and outspoken. They are harder to parent than a quiet, submissive kid, but we wanted them to be tough when they get the heck out of our home, and they will be. My kids are spoiled and we aren’t strong disciplinarians, but they are good kids. We talk a lot and about everything, and oftentimes I think to myself, “if they are telling me THIS, what are they NOT telling me?” I do not want to be their friend, I need to be their mother, but I do what to have a rapport with them and that comes from just talking. I’m not one to shutup anyway, and I’m sure they get sick of my voice, but it’s my job to torture them, no? Nothing is off limits either. We talk about everything from school, to life, to friends, to sex, to protection, to death, it’s not always easy though.

How have you benefited from blogging?
I have made friends from blogging that I would not have otherwise met and that makes me happy. Plus, I have an electronic diary of the stuff I want to remember when I’m even older and I can remember even less than I can remember now. Added bonus…sometimes, I make myself laugh!

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