Embracing the Spectrum

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Today’s feature blogger is Teresa of Embracing the Specturm. I love her humor, wit and positive attitude. She also shares a wealth of information as she documents her family’s journey through autism.

This blog was inspired by my son, who was diagnosed with autism on June 14, 2011. I’m hoping that what I write here will provide support, encouragement, and awareness of autism and those who have individuals in their families diagnosed with autism. It is my intention to talk about the humorous, happy moments as well as the not-so-great moments. To me, the diagnosis of autism should not be something devastating and does not say anything about my son’s potential, and Embracing the Spectrum is about accepting our son as he is. My blog covers our day-to-day achievements and struggles as a family in which one person happens to carry a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, because it ain’t always pretty, but the love is always there.

Three “must-reads”:

The Beginning

Public Meltdowns

Dear Friend

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