Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar

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Time to check out the ramblings of today’s fabulous feature blogger Emelie from Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar!

Hi there! I’m Emelie (It’s pronounced “Emily”, but I have foreign parents, so…well, you get it) and I write a blog. Obviously. I’m an awkward girl in her twenties who often gets herself into embarrassing situations and conversations, and then I write about them for all of you to enjoy! Everyone I write about has a fake name to spare them from the embarrassment of admitting that they know me – for example, I call my best friend “John Hamm” despite the fact that she is neither a man nor a stunning actor on the hit show “Mad Men” (although she does like a good martini…). Oh, I also ramble a lot… just in case that wasn’t clear. You should be prepared for that.

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