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Happy Friday ya’ll!

Go visit and give a warm welcome to B.E.L.L.E this site is all about uplifting and supporting other women!

Carline Dumerlin-Folkes

I’m Carline C. Dumerlin-Folkes and I am a wife, new mom and author (www.missuniversitybook.net) who works in the field of education.

I came up with the name B.E.L.L.E (Becoming Exceptional Ladies & Learning Everyday) because I feel that young girls and women should always strive to become their best selves each day. I am all about girl-power! I believe as women we should support one another and carry as we climb.

I created this blog to serve as a resource to empower women of all ages to become leaders, forge their own path to success and to follow their passion. This blogs means a lot to me because it allows me to inspire and encourage women on a daily basis.

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Go visit B.E.L.L.E (Becoming Exceptional Ladies & Learning Everyday) and share the comment love! Comment below for roll call.

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