Beth: A Work In Progress-Becoming a Masterpiece

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Meet Beth, the author of: A Work In Progress-Becoming a Masterpiece.  Beth believes that we are all “works of art, in progress, growing more beautiful each day as life molds and shapes us into the masterpieces we were meant to become”. I love that  Beth’s blog is the journal of her journey, and “an encouragement to her readers to seek, and find, their inner masterpiece!”  Let’s give her the warm welcome she so deserves.

Tell us about your blog.  How did you decide upon the title?
I went back to work, full time, after 20+ years as a stay at home wife, mom & home educator, in 2007. I took a clerical job and I had a lot of free time at my desk. When I got bored playing cards online I decided to give blogging a whirl. It was a match made in Heaven and I fell in love!

My blog was simply a journal of my thoughts and ideas, visited once in a while by friends and family for almost 2 years. It wasn’t technically a private blog but it took me a long time to realize that there was a whole community of bloggers out there and that I could, and should, join it!  I discovered memes in 2009 and began building a group of faithful blog followers … and more amazing to me … friendships!

I named my blog Beth: A Work In Progress right at the beginning because it seemed appropriate. I’m a strongly type A gal (mildly OCD with perfectionist tendencies) who knows I’m not perfect! I added “Becoming a Masterpiece” later because that’s my goal. It’s based loosely on a verse from the Bible which says that “we are His masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus, to do the good things He planned for us long ago.” Eph. 2:10

I recently added 2 new blogs to my repertoire because once I started writing the words just came pouring out. I found myself writing 5 or more blog posts a day, a lot of the time, so I decided I should divide it up. Faith Walk is a more faith-based blog. And Journey to a Healthier Me is a journal of my efforts to overcome depression and obesity.

How has your experiences blogging changed you as a person?
It may sound strange but I think that in some ways it has brought me a lot of healing. I have struggled with depression most of my life and while my friends and family knew I was suffering … I never really dug into why or poured out my blues. I went through life trying to put on a happy face and / or sleeping. Even though my blog is public I have always been pretty forthright there and it has given me a forum for dealing with my hurts, habits and hang-ups openly and honestly.

People have told me, my whole life, that I should write. When I sit down to write the words just flow from my heart onto the page (most of the time). The thought of writing a whole book has always overwhelmed me but to write a blog post? That’s easy! Blogging has given me an opportunity to practice and hone a natural talent. It has given me both a voice … and friends willing to listen!

Blogging has perhaps made me more introspective. It has definitely made me more open and approachable. It has also opened my world to a LOT more people and made me more compassionate and supportive of others.

Have you made friendships through blogging that are meaningful?
Oh My Goodness, Yes! People who don’t blog totally don’t get it but I know that the SITS gals will! Most of my very best friends, the people that I share my insecurities, hurts, and failures with as well as my victories, moments of triumph and simple joys, are women that I have met through blogging!  These girls cheer the loudest when I have a victory to celebrate and they cry with me when my heart is breaking. And once in a while they provide me with reality checks and kicks in the seat of my pants!

If you could start blogging all over again, would you do anything differently?
I wish I had been aware sooner that blogging was so widespread and that there was a whole community of wonderful people out there sharing their lives and open to sharing mine!

I wish I had thought longer about the name of my blog. I have all sorts of brilliant ideas for what to name it NOW but this name fits and it’s pretty well known so I’m sticking with it.

Finally … I would think a whole lot less about building the number of blog followers and more about building relationships and having fun doing it! Because that is the BEST part of the whole blogging experience!

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