Who’s In Your Blogroll?: The Pioneer Woman

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With millions of blogs floating through blogland it can be difficult to get noticed. That’s part of why at SITS we do what we do. Featuring a variety of bloggers throughout the week is one way to spotlight a blog and introduce it to people who might otherwise have never found it.

While this is important to us and extremely rewarding, we also recognize that there are bloggers everyone should consider for their blogroll. Bloggers who, for whatever reason, stand out as experts where blogging is concerned. Once a month we will pay tribute to bloggers you should know.

Through a combination of excellent content, a distinct niche and brand, time, hard work and sometimes just plain old luck, these bloggers have succeeded at building an audience of loyal readers. Love them or hate them, they consistently do what we all strive to do…they provide meaningful posts and keep us coming back for more.

It seems only fitting that we start off this series with The Pioneer Woman.

Who's In Your Blogroll: The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond is both the beauty and the brains behind this website. She started blogging in May of 2006 and in no time at all sky rocketed to bloggy super stardom. She has a novel based on her real life love story with her husband in the works, a cookbook available, and from what I’ve understand there’s even a movie coming up where Reese Witherspoon will play the part of the blogger we so adore. Can you even IMAGINE!?!

Who's In Your Blogroll: The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is the mother blog of all niches. Ree not only tackles a number of different topics, but she masters them. Each tab on her blog is like it’s own website inside her website.

She gets some help from other experts in certain niches because there’s no way in God’s green earth this woman can put together a PhotoShop actions tutorial AND home school her children AND bake petite vanilla scones from scratch AND wrangle cows all in the same day…or can she?

Who's In Your Blogroll: The Pioneer Woman

The best thing about Ree is that everything about her screams humility. She’s knows her life is beautiful. She wrangled herself a handsome cowboy, he’s helped her make some beautiful children, she lives on property in Oklahoma that many of us only see pictures of in magazines, and you can tell she’s grateful for every last bit.

Who's In Your Blogroll: The Pioneer Woman

Her posts are funny, well written, and valuable. I’ve personally installed many of her Photoshop Elements actions and follow the tutorials she provides for improving my own photos. She offers and features tons of great recipes in her Tasty Kitchen and often posts her own recipes in her cooking section. She supports homeschooling and offers free materials and games to try with your kids. She shares some of her favorite things from fashion and design to gardening and hotel room tours. And she blogs about her everyday experiences at the ranch. Is there anybody she doesn’t appeal to?

Be sure to check Ree out…if you’re anything like us, you’ll fall in love and add her to your blogroll too!

*All photos courtesy of The Pioneer Woman
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  • Helena says:

    I love Ree.

  • Cari S. says:

    I LOVE Pioneer Woman. I bought her cookbook the day after it came out and have since made every single thing in it.

  • Adryon says:

    The first day I read PW’s site, I ran out and bought ingredients to make cinnamon rolls.

    LOVE HER – hate the fact my butt jiggles more than ever from her recipes.

  • Jacqui says:

    I love Pioneer Woman and have had her in my blogroll and my bookmarks for a long time! Love her photos and her sense of humour.. awesome!

  • E says:

    Oh yeah had to add to the blogroll! Loved her site and everything about it!

  • Texan Mama says:

    I just may end up being the dissenting vote here…

    I don’t really care for PW. I’m sure she’s a very nice person and she’s very talented.

    I think, she’s just a bit too perfect for me. People who have just the perfect husband, perfect children, perfect home, perfect cooking skills, perfect hobbies, ad nauseum, make me feel too insecure. Like, does this lady have ANYTHING she’s bad at?

    I know, that sounds really petty and small, right? I know it. I just gotta hang with people who are flawed and own their flaws. Like me.

    That, and, for the 2.3 days I subscribed to her blog I got like a zillion posts in my reader. I can’t read 4 posts from ONE blog every day. That just clogs up my reader like a log jam in the toilet. Sorry for that visual.

  • Erin Love says:

    I will definitely be adding this blog to my list of must-reads!!

  • Niki says:

    I’ve been following the Pioneer Woman for I don’t know how long now. That Ree really knows what she’s doing. Wish I could say the same. Haha. 😉

  • the advisor says:

    Is that a real Blog? It looks too good to be true!

  • Kelly says:

    Awesome! Thanks 🙂

  • Miss Dramani says:


    It’s me again. Pioneer Woman, wow!
    Inspirational and amazing.

    New blogger in town so I hope to get my head around the logistics of it all!

    Loving SITS!

  • McKenzie says:

    I am excited to check her blog out!

  • SharleneT says:

    I’ve been following Pioneer Woman for some time, now… she’s a cool lady and has a wonderful way with expressing herself… her photos are to die for… thanks for sharing and bringing her to our attention…

  • Mariah says:

    PW is one of my fave’s. I love her PS actions!!!

  • Dee says:

    Man I just wish I had the tenacity and wisdom of that Pioneer Woman.

    I wrote my previous post in February. Oh so bad.

  • Looking forward to checking this one out!
    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

  • wanda says:

    P-Dub is a ROCKSTAR for sure!

    I totally <3 her! XOXO Ree!

  • Awesomness as usual!