Featured Blogger: Why isn't there mouse flavored cat food?

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Cat Food

Today’s featured blogger is Why isn’t there mouse flavored cat food?
his is such a sweet blogger.  She has the best family memories and that photo of her standing next to the cliff is priceless!  How can you not enjoy a blog that asks such a vital question?

The picture by the cliff cracks. me. up. Leezee is a great supporter of SITS and I am excited for her day!  Go shower her in all the gooey, commenty, goodness.

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Here, honey, go stand by this cliff so we can take your picture.  Friday Foto Finish Fiesta
THAT can’t be good.  Wordless Wednesday
Monogram Chick has some of THE CUTEST stuff we’ve ever seen! Everything from unique and trendy travel mugs (we are both going to purchase these as holiday gifts for our kids’ teachers) to adorable backpacks. ALL OF IT MONOGRAMMED!

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