Daily Organized Chaos

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Happy Friday to you! Today’s featured blogger, who parents a child with diabetes, takes two seemingly disparate terms – “organize” and “chaos”- and makes sense of them together! Say hello to Bibiana of Daily Organized Chaos.

Daily Organized Chaos

I started blogging in March 2009 during a very difficult time in our family and after purchasing Joel Comm’s My Google Payday in vision of blog riches. Big mistake! NEVER start a blog or anything you want to succeed in for money and without passion. After few short months of disappointment I gave up blogging and the pipe dream, but I kept thinking about blogging. There was something about it that intrigued me and I decided to give it another try from completely different angle. I started a blog project called From Misery To Happiness in 365 Days. I gave myself one year to turn my life around while blogging about it. The project was a huge success.

However, once  it was over I had to change my blog and the format, but I kept the passion and today I write about challenges my family faces daily. I write about raising rebellious teen with type 1 diabetes. I write about our travel adventures. I share my recipes, craft projects and tips that help families in everyday life. I share my love for food and passion for cooking and baking. I write about my Daily Organized Chaos where our motto is: “There is nothing wrong with living in chaos as long as it’s organized”.

Daily Organized Chaos

Some of Bibi’s favorite posts are:

Happiness Means Living With Passion ~ a great message for teens!
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My Adventure In Pickleball – a game I have never heard of!

Roll call here with a short comment, then head over to Daily Organized Chaos and wish her a fabulous day!

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