Cierra’s Tattered Elegance

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Cierra is the stylist and author behind Cierra’s Tattered Elegance. If you want to get to know someone with a crazy love of things old, rustic, worn, torn, chipped, painted, pretty, glamorous, vintage, or shabby chic, then Cierra’s blog is the place to be.

You took a long break! What have you been up to?
Well for the last 6 months or so I graduated from beauty school, started a new career, and most recently am about to start a new chapter in my life in my new home.

What can people expect to find when visiting your blog?
At my blog people can see that there’s no age limit to having a passion for something. I’m 23 and started my boutique business at age 19. My blog showcases my love of shabby chic, flea market adventures, and many tutorials in upholstering as well as shabby chic painting techniques.

Can you share one of your favorite flea market finds?
My chandelier above my bed was my favorite find. I found it at the Alameda Flea Market for $40! It was best find ever!

In what ways have you personally benefited from your blog?
My blog has both helped me to grow, and given me the chance to share what I love to do with others.

If you had front row tickets to watch any musician perform, who would you go see?
Nora Jones!

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