The Local Cook

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Featured Blogger: The Local Cook

Wendy is the fabulous chef behind The Local Cook, a blog that chronicles her mission to succeed at cooking recipes from the cookbook, Simply in Season.

Featured Blogger: The Local Cook

Wendy says she “Through this process I hope to discover simple ways of preparing local, healthy foods and learn more about nutrition, sustainability, and how our eating choices impact the world.”

Some of Wendy’s more memorable meals including her delicious Maple Walnut Scones, a memorable meal in Soroti, Uganda, and the time she cooked Gingered Chicken Bok Bok and things didn’t go quite according to plan.

Featured Blogger: The Local Cook

Be sure to swing by The Local Cook and give Wendy some love on her SITS day. If you get a chance, check her out on Twitter and Facebook as well!


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