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Happy Wednesday!

Today, we have a featured blogger who writes inspirationally about the challenges of motherhood and parenting a child with Cri du Chat syndrome. Welcome Tiffany from Elastamom’s Excerpts.



Here’s what Tiffany wants you to know about her:

Most days as a WAHM of three, I feel like I’m pulled in so many directions and have so many things to do that I need extra arms—like Elastagirl from The Incredibles. You know that feeling, right? That’s what Elastamom’s Excerpts is all about. My husband, Matt, is my biggest champion and, frankly, I couldn’t survive without him. My oldest, Olivia, was born with Cri du Chat syndrome. (It’s pronounced Kree-Doo-Shaw.) She is the reason I started to blog. The doctors painted a very grim reality in the beginning and she continues to prove them wrong. My life is completely changed because of my girl. She is my soul. I also have two wonderful boys, Gabe and Matthew, who keep me on my toes. My hope is that you can look at the sunny side of life after reading my blog. To know that you are not alone and that life is good is my hope for you after reading my blog.


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