Danielle Smith: An Extraordinary Mommy with a Message

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Here at SITS we are always interested in women who are making a difference; women who have found a specific niche in the online world and are doing what they can to make the world a better place.  Danielle Smith of Extraordinary Mommy is a woman that we feel has done this, and it’s my pleasure to introduce her to you.  I think that you’ll see from this interview that actions do make a difference, and there is no better way to get things done than by example.  It’s our hope that after reading about Danielle, we’ll all go out and do something that leaves a mark.  For good.

We love elevator pitches here at SITS.  What’s yours?
I will confess, ‘elevator pitches’ always throw me, as I feel as though I’m constantly evolving, but I will tell you this – I’m a former TV news Anchor and Reporter, I started ExtraordinaryMommy.com because I wanted there to be a place for moms to be reminded of the Extraordinary they do every day (despite living amidst the chaos). When people meet me, I hope two things happen: 1) they believe I’m the same person that they have gotten to know online, and 2) they think ‘video’ – I love doing video, both live and taped, and I love helping others figure out how to find their footing in front of the camera.  And finally – I’m a mom – I have two sweet and sassy small people – Delaney is almost 7 and Cooper is almost 4.

You covered the ProBowl and the Winter Olympics for P&G. Can you tell us what was involved in this and how it was meaningful for you as a person and your online brand?
Both of these projects are among my favorites – for a few reasons beyond the obvious of covering a large scale event in an amazing location.  Both involve the opportunity to tell a meaningful STORY – a story I think is important for people to hear (and often a story within a story – let me explain) – 1st – with the Winter Olympics – the focus was P&G’s ‘Thank You, Mom Campaign’ – one designed to highlight the love and sacrifices of our parents (moms) – by telling the stories of Olympic Athletes and the sacrifices their moms made over the years to help them accomplish their dreams.  For the ProBowl – P&G was working in conjunction with the NFL on their Play60 campaign to combat Childhood Obesity.  So, for my purposes – I was able to witness (and film) a playground being built in just one day. This community, joined by about a dozen NFL players, made it possible for these kids to have a place to play.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

You host and produce BlissTV, formerly hosted your own show (The Spin Cycle) on momtv.com, are working on creating a new live show, and travel around the country speaking about “vlogging, blogger/brand relationships, the use of social media and the benefits of cause marketing”. What tips can you give us about vlogging and the importance of it in social media?
Video is such a valuable medium as it provides a ‘show and tell’ element.  I can show you ‘how to’ (tie a scarf, make an apple pie, do a dance, tickle my kids’), I can showcase an item – new jeans – my favorite bag, the new paint on the wall or I can simply talk – which means you (the viewer) get to know me.  I can ask a question, vent about my day, share a touching moment, laugh about something ridiculous or cry if I want to 🙂  When you watch video – it allows you to make a connection with the person speaking – you get a feel for their personality…  I think that is a good thing.

What is cause marketing?  What do you think is the greatest benefit of it?
Cause Marketing is the connection a brand makes between the good they do in the world and their consumer…..  it is a way, in my opinion, of saying, ‘we care, we really do….and we are going to show you – here is how YOU can help too’  Great examples of this include P&G’s Thank You, Mom Campaign, Tide’s Loads of Hope Campaign, and Con Agra’s Child Hunger Ends Here. In all of these cases – the brand is doing something amazing – they have picked a cause close to their heart, have presented it to their consumers and are providing an opportunity for them to get involved.

Tell us about your Give Good, Get Good Project.
This grew out of my belief that it is one of my primary responsibilities as a parent to teach my children to be good citizens of the world.  And I KNOW the way to do that is to SHOW them, not to tell them.  I figured, within the site, I could highlight ‘good’ – allowing moms (and others) to see and learn small ways that they may be able to ‘give good’ and set that example for their children.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or require hours of dedicated time – but even the smallest effort to ‘give good’ can mean seeing the ‘get good’ in your children.

Have your actions made a mark in the world for good?

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