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Victoria is the creative and whimsical driving force behind A Subtle Revelry, a design blog that I’m in love with.  Victoria shares her skills as an event and prop stylist on her blog, and does it beautifully!

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If you could sum up your blog in one sentence, what would it be?
A place where merry making becomes an art form.

What was the inspiration behind the name of your blog?
A Subtle Revelry was chosen to express my passion of merry making, cheer bringing & party throwing in the most subtle of ways. I find it the perfect word combination to describe what pours out of my mind and heart daily with my readers. An artistic rendering of the passion we share for well styled, handcrafted celebrations.

How did you become an event and prop stylist?
I have a background in event coordination and have always had a slight love affair with design. After leaving the work place to stay home with my babies found I was in need of a creative outlet. I began my business in May of last year and it has been incredible. I adore that I actually get paid to craft and style the most important details of celebrations.  Seriously it is the best job in the universe! I’ve also quickly fallen in love with the amazing opportunities to style photo shoots and magazine spreads as a freelance stylist.

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How did you develop your style with an emphasis in unique and handcrafted items?
Since I started my business as a creative outlet (not necessarily to make money) I just began designing in the ways that were most fun and natural to me. The majority of my events have a heavy dose of crafting involved and I quickly found out there was a pretty decent market for well styled, hand crafted details- which has been just icing on the cake!

I often look to art, interior design, or even my experiences as a mom for inspiration, and I love the chance to share that through my blog. Keeping a public record of my past projects and my current inspiration has really helped to define and tweak my style into what you might see me produce today.

What is your favorite thing about having twins?
Having twin toddlers is the most incredibly difficult and joyous experience of my entire life. I adore the stage we are in right now because their personalities are really beginning to shine through. My daughter is truly a little version of me, spending her days organizing her dolls and wiping down the table to help, “keen de kiken”.  Seeing how much they love each other is also an amazing benefit; there is nothing better than walking in to see them snuggled up in bed together!

Favorite Posts:
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Chalkboard Flags:  Did you know that  you can make chalkboard paint in any color you like?
Reason to Celebrate #83: Part of a series on her blog, this is the cutest winter time idea I’ve seen in a long time!

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