Irresistible Icing

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Welcome to the week ladies!

We hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend.  If you haven’t been around in a while- read this.

Now on today’s Featured Blogger, Mimi.

Irresistible Icing

So, while we sent Mimi her SITS Day info, at the time we wrote this, we hadn’t heard back, but she has our button and does roll call, so we put together a post to do her blog justice. {Just keep this in mind when you stop by, as she may not have a SITS Day post up….}

Here is what Mimi says about herself:

I’m Mimi and I’m stuck somewhere between a rock hard body and a fat place. If I don’t cure my addiction to icing I’ll never fit into skinny jeans! Seriously though. I’m an emotional eater, fashionista, instructional designer, and social media guru. I want to inspire you by sharing my experience. Together, we can become irresistible!

emotional eater

Since we don’t know if Mimi will have a post up- check out this interview-type post about her fashion inspirations.

Mimi shares her thoughts and feelings on a topic many of us know all too well: Body Image.

This girl rocks her confidence: Confidence is Irresistible.

So, you know the drill:

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2. Go visit Mimi and shower her in comment lovin’.

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