Waisting Time

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Good mornin’! Empty nesters and reformed yo-yo dieting go hand in hand with today’s featured blogger. Welcome Karen from Waisting Time!

Waisting Time

Here’s a little bit about Karen:

My name is Karen and I’m a reforming yo-yo dieter, on my way to what I now consider a never-ending journey of healthy living.  I blog about my progress (and struggles) and life in general as a stay-at-home mom recently turned empty-nester.  I’m a work-in-progress who likes to think aloud through blogging. I’m bluntly honest and suspect that my readers probably know me better in some ways than people in my “real” life.  I’m excited to be here today because, while I started out blogging for myself, what keeps me going is being part of an amazing community filled with inspiration, camaraderie, wisdom, support, and laughter.  I hope you’ll stop by.

Waisting Time

Some of Karen’s favorite posts are:

I Have a Mind Like a Steel Sieve – but she can ironically remember exactly when my memory started getting worse.

Her obsession with food, which led to my becoming a Cereal Killer.

Sometimes epiphanies, like  thinking about Twenty Minutes, come from the strangest of places.

Now, check in with a short comment below and head over to Waisting Time to give Karen some SITStahly love!

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