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Life is busy for all of us, and it is so easy to get overwhelmed by all of the things that are thrown our way. Today’s featured blogger, Susan at the most – – of every moment, is focused on making the most of every moment, and helping you to do the same. Her great writing will pull you in, and you might just find yourself being more appreciative of the little blessings in your life when you are finished reading.

Susan Making The Most Of Every Moment

Hi, I’m Susan, and I invite you to visit my lifestyle blog, which is all about finding ways to get the most out of every moment of life!

Born in Calgary, Canada; I currently love living in Montana, after years of globetrotting and adventures as a nurse, wife, and mother of two (now teenage) children. I publish recipes, tutorials, informative stories or anecdotes five-or-six days a week; my topics are frequently about parenting, pets, travel, entertaining, food, time-saving, homemaking, and health-related tips.

Life is made up of many moments – my blog is about making the most of all of them!

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