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Saturday we kicked off this week’s contest by featuring Sweet Funky Vintage .  
The prize is a $35 gift certificate to their adorable shop!   Even if you don’t have a little girl to dress, enter the contest … something from their shop would be a GREAT prize to draw traffic to your blog. Or an amazing gift!  We added a link to their full website that has tons of cute stuff, so if you only saw the Etsy shop, be sure to visit the site!
Only a few days left to get additional entries for the Cricut Expressions! Winner will be announced on October 1st… and we will be announcing October’s prize…..
Be sure to mark October 14 on your calendar. You will want to be near your computer. Every hour.
Today’s featured blogger is This Is The Day…
Tiffany: Heather is a favorite of mine.  She is funny, kind and has been a true SITS Girl, commenting and roll calling regularly.  Plus, she is a nurse… one of the most important jobs in the world.  I am so excited that today is her day!!!!
Heather:Heather has been a long time SITSta and a very supportive one at that.  She’s sweet and so genuine.  I’m thrilled that it’s her feature day.  
What’s a ‘date’?  What, a date?
A very sweet letter.  Dear Dad
We’re speechless.  Oh, SITS
And, as always, when you see this:


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