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Oh, what’s this? It’s something new!!
We were noticing that Friday’s posts get fewer hits.  People are busy with the weekend starting.  Seemed a bit unfair to the Featured Blogger who had patiently waited for her day in the sun.  So, what we are going to do instead, is Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites is all about discovering new blogs that might not have discovered SITS yet. 

Each Friday, we will introduce you to a special blog.  One that we just love and think you’ll really enjoy!
Today is Heather’s “Favorites” Day and she’s chosen She Does Hair as her feature choice.

Heather: As many of you may or may not know, I have four little girls. If you do the math, that’s ALOT of hair to style and I run out of ideas. This blogger solved my problems!! Her entire blog is dedicated to styling little girls’ HAIR! Even if you have little boys, it’s so much fun to marvel at her creativity and maybe get some ideas for your own hair. I’ve featured three of my favorite posts, but you should definitely take a minute to peruse her site and be sure to give her LOTS of comment-y love and a warm SITS welcome.

Did she just really braid a flower??Braid Flower

It looks like smocking on a dress…but with hair!!Swim Smocking

This one is for the little ladies. Soft and a little more grown up

Tiffany is giving away a portable photo printer…go check it out!

Not only do we have an awesome contest here for a Cricut Expressions, but we have an adorable diaper bag to give away in our Saturday Spotlight.  Be sure to visit tomorrow for the new Saturday Spotlight and Contest!

And something BIG is coming on October 14th. BIG, we tell ya!!

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